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What is this Vinegar/Sulfer smell in my bathroom?

I live with two other people in a third story of an older house (think college flat or house because that's what it is). We just cleaned our bathroom, though none of the cleaners smell like this and the other bathroom cleaned smells fine. This vinegar or sulfer smell seems to be coming from our bathroom closet area, maybe below the carpet? But it's hard to tell exactly where it's coming from. It is pretty potent though and doesn't smell good at all. Anyone know what this is or what it might be?


Nothing has spilled in there...we just noticed it today.

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    It could be coming from the water heater. I don't know where the pipes to the heater are positioned, but ther is a rod called an anode that is suspended in the water heater to prevent the shell from rusting. Over time, the anode begins to break down, causing a terrible smell, like sulfur or rotten eggs. This may not be your problem, but depending on the location of the piping or the heater itself, it could be the culprit. If so, the solution isn't difficult. Just unscrew the old anode from the top (usually) of the heater, withdraw the anode, and replace with a new one....not difficult at all.

    Good luck

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    A mouse or such may have crawled in there and died. They tend to give off a sweet, funky smell but you never know.

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    Check for a spilled bottle of douch.

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    Did you use some kind of chemical? before you use the chemical that you are currently using. That would be my only guess chemical cross containation......

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    it might be a dampness smell, as in a damp house.

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    sounds like pee

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