Oddesy Help!!!?

Oddesy Help!!!?

Please tell me why Menelaus ambushed Proteus with as much detail as possible. Thank you


I tried sparknotes and I tried yahoo and google.

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    The entire incident you describe takes place in the Odyssey in the Book IV.

    Check the first site I give you and you can read it for yourself!

    I can only give you a synopses.

    The fleet of Menelaus was in the harbor of the Island of Pharos outside the Egyptians cost. There was no favorable wind for 20 days and Menelaus and his men were facing starvation!

    The sea goddess Idothea, (daughter of Proteus) appeared to Menelaus and said to him : "I will make it all quite clear to you. There is an old immortal who lives under the sea hereabouts and whose name is Proteus. He is an Egyptian, and people say he is my father; he is Neptune's head man and knows every inch of ground all over the bottom of the sea. If you can snare him and hold him tight, he will tell you about your voyage, what courses you are to take, and how you are to sail the sea so as to reach your home. He will also tell you, if you so will, all that has been going on at your house both good and bad, while you have been away on your long and dangerous journey."

    As you can see the only way for Menelaus and his men to escape was to trap Proteus so that he could direct them back home!

    (Also Idothea gives to Menelaus instructions of how to ambush and catch Proteus.)

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    You should be able to find everything you need by doing a Google or Yahoo! search.

    However -- it will help if you spell Odyssey correctly

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    Try Wikipedia below:

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    Have you tried sparknotes.com?

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