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Why do women cross their legs and/or jump up and down when they have to go to the bathroom?

When women badly need to urinate, why do they do things like jump up and down, cross their legs, hold their stomachs and/or fidget? You never see men doing that, why do women? Does it help them hold in their urine?

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    We have short urethras. It's more likely to leak. And if we've had babies, the pelvic musculature can be weakened, and we have even more chance of an accident.

    Crossing legs, yes. Jumping, no.

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    No, we don't see men doing that. Men get to pee in bushes, along side buildings, standing up, basically any which way they want. Women are working with more complicated machinery. I've never seen a woman jump up and down who has to pee. Where do you live, Antarctica?

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    Because it helps. We can't grab our crotches like guys.

    Have you ever watched little boys or girls when they had to go, but had to wait? Little boys grab their penis, jump up and down and fidget. Little girls cross their legs, because they don't have a grabbable part, jump up and down and fidget. It's almost instinctual.

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    Yes it helps us hold in our urine, we don't want to piss all over our selves so we cross our legs to keep it in a bit. We might cross our legs when we have to potty but, why do mean randomly touch their penis?

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    Sorry..........That is secret womens' business!

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    the vagina a slive open. duh

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