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leap pad grow with me learning system ??

is it worth the money??? im looking to buy for 10 month old

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    i think everything from leap pad is worth the money. they have great products

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    Yes, worth the money! We have My First Leap Pad and the next one up. I have a 1, 3, and 5 yr old. They do only play with the games that have characters they like rather than the leap pad characters, so I would suggest only buying games you know he/she will like. I'd also only buy new. They can stop working, so if you buy it new, you'll have the one year warranty.

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    Check out the FisherPrice Learn through Music System... there is a preview on My 2.5 yo loves it. It has a touch screen... & is easy to use. Costs 30 for the console & 15 for the games.

    I don't care for leap pad products

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    Ah, leap pad. Heaven for me. Keeps the kids busy and teaches them too! Buy it, love. =)

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    Not worth the money when you can buy about 10 toys for the same amount of money that will teach them just as much..if not more.

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    i bought it for Aiden for his first birthday (so needless to say he became into 365 days). It got here with one pastime, and then i bought 2 greater. I hooked it up the night of his birthday.. the console lights furnishings up an rather exceptionally blue while the gadget is became out. And that became into exceptionally lots the only element that saved my son's interest. He saved turning it on and stale, giggling on the mild. The padding around the controller comes off way too fairly. it is basically velcroed on there. Aiden became into entertained with that for slightly - pulling it off.. sticking it returned on.. pulling it off.. sticking it returned on.. etc. The controller could be used on it is very own. It makes sounds once you push the buttons. Aiden on no account cared for this in any respect. He on no account as quickly as used it alongside side the television. basically performed with the distant while it became into placed on the "play without television" (or in spite of it is spoke of as) decision. and then after some week, he did no longer even care approximately that. i attempted for months, randomly turning it on and pushing buttons on the distant to tutor him the way it interacted with the television.. and he on no account cared for it. =/ So i ultimately packed it returned up some month in the past. So he had approximately 6 months of it being out. and not as quickly as did he ever care approximately it. the different element i did no longer like approximately it.. of course the distant is going to run on batteries.. however the console does too. you may purchase the AC adaptor seperately. and of course the pictures are terrible. yet in addition on a number of the video games, it became into puzzling to appreciate what became into being mentioned because of the fact the sound high quality became into undesirable too. I had paid $50 for it.. and for us, it became right into a waste. =/ I desire I had spent it on something else. *monkey*

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    I haven't heard of that one yet!! My son has loved his since he was 2 and he's 5 now and just got the newer one and loves it!! It's worth the money

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