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hello!! i need help!!?

im not shy and everything but im definitely not the most confident person youve ever met! i need something!! whenever i do public speaking whether its just saying a sentence in front of the class i get spooked out. also, when i stand up in front of the class and i walk around, i also get paranoid! does anyone have anything for my extreme self-consciousness??

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    I'm shy and scared about starting high school. What can I do to become less shy and try to make friends?

    – Lily

    One of the best ways to get over shyness is to think of the things that make you nervous and then practice working on them. For example, if you want to start a conversation with a crush in your English class, you can practice in private the ways you'd do it if you weren't so shy. Just working on smiling and saying "hello" is a good start. Some people find it helps to rehearse in front of a mirror, similar to practicing lines for a play. This can help them feel more comfortable with a new approach.

    Then you can start smiling and saying "hello" in real life. You might also try joining a group or team activity that interests you, like a sports team or the yearbook committee. Of course you'll feel anxious at first — that's perfectly normal. Remember that the more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

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  • Well, i had the same problem, whenever i had to do anything like speaking in front of the class or public speaking i did like a dress rehearsals to people i trusted i read what i had to read to my mother or my grandparents, also just focus on one person and keep looking at them the whole time and speak only to them.

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