Has anybody had any success with diet pills?HELP?

I only want to loose like 20 pounds.I've had 4 kids and weigh 139 but I want to loose the side handles and fit back into my pants and I only have a little ways to go.

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    1 decade ago
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    I've actually used 2 different kinds. hydroxycut really helped me lose pounds. just remember to eat healthy. they encourage NOT to starve yourself and just consistently eat breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as healthy snacks. just remember to work out (run, weights, etc) equivalent to what you ate. Also to drink lots and lots of water. I was able to lose 6 pounds in 3 weeks with decent meals, and exercise. thats about 2 lbs a week. Some people i know actually lost more. They werent at all starving themselves. they just worked out more frequently.

    I tried Fahrenheit and its horrible. made me crazy. i always felt jittery and as soon as i got off of it, i started getting really bad migraines. even a nose bleed.

    I'll be trying Smartburn Hoodia for woman this month and hopefully i get good results.

    I would go back to hydroxycut but ive heard good things about smartburn hoodia.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are no magic diet pills on the market or at least a pill you can take and just lose weight. The pills out there all tell you for results you need to take the pills in conjunction with a low calories diet and proper exercise. The pills are designed to do different things there is now Hoodia which suppresses your appetite and then there are the ones that give you more energy so you can work out harder and longer. Hydroxy Cuts is good if you are working out as well as Fahrenheit. A new one Slimage is pretty good plus it has added ingredients for overall health.

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  • 1 decade ago

    don't use the diet pills!!! they are actually starving you! it is healthier if you diet naturally. eat what you want, when you want, but stop when you re full or close to being full. also, try eating around six very small meals a day instead of 3 huge meals. also, try to hold off on the unneccesary snacks!

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