Japanese GUY names that start with an 'R' or an 'B'?

Well I asked the other day for japanese guy names but I like the ones that start with 'R's or 'B's so what really cool sounding japanese guy names that start with a 'R' or 'B' do you know of?

Or do you know of any japanese guy names that have a dark-ish meaning to them?

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    R--- Ryosuke, Ryota, Ryoji Ryuta, Ryunosuke, Ryu

    B--- Bunta, Bunmei

    Japanese male name which starts from B is kind of rare due to it is not "clear" sound for Japanese. Japanese parents do not want clepe their children's name such starts with B sound.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Japanese characters have a lot of readings, so when parents choose a name for their child, they choose characters and then read them as they like. So I think its impossible to list all the names starting with R. Never heard of Japanese names starting with b

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  • Rikishu

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  • 1 decade ago

    Raiden - japanese myth name of a god of thunder, meaning "thunder and lightning."

    Rokuro - japanese name meaning "sixth son."

    Ryo - japanese name meaning "excellent."

    Ryota - japanese name meaning "stout, strong."

    Ryuu - japanese name meaning "dragon."

    I didn't see any beginning with B. Sorry.

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