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help with new cat plz!?

ok i have a 6 year old female kitty(not fixed) and i just got a new male cat who is about 8 months (fixeD)

my small female is veryyy tiny and always has been and my new cat keeps trying to attack her and she is hiding and wont come out to eat or anything

i think he was spoiled by his previous owners because he doesnt respond to my yelling or anything and now i dont think my little girl is going to even try to be nice to him since he was mean to her

what should i do?


i also think my new cat may smell my old cat who passed away earlier this year still in the house and he might still think he is there and i think maybe thats why he is attacking her

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    I am using the Bach flower essence Vine with my new cat. Attacks can be sparked by insecurities in the new cat. Treat the new cat by putting three to four drops on the cat's fur between his ears. Four or five times a day for the next ten days. Shake the bottle well before applying. The Bach flower essences can be found in most health food stores. They cannot harm the cat in any way and are used by people and animals for emotional healing or redirection of energies into beneficial outlets rather than negative ones.

    Rescue Remedy would help your little girl to overcome her fears of the new cat and help her to relax with his presence in the house. Keep up with the Vine for ten days or even two weeks. The RR should work more quickly for her and you can discontinue its use when you see she is more relaxed and comes out of hiding.

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    You can't just introduce two cats to each other, you need to take it slow. The best way is to put the new cat in a room for a week or so, and slowly introduce the smell. Make them eat next to each other EACH ON ONE SIDE OF THE DOOR. Pet one cat, then go pet the other. Once they get used to the smell, the hissing and fighting should settle down. THEN you can introduce the new cat slowly to the whole house. Yelling at cats doesn't work. Spray them with water, they hate that and it will deifnantly sto whatever they are doing. If the young cat is being bad, spray with water, WITHOUT saying anything. Otherwise they'll hate you.

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    Keep the new cat separated from the old cat (like in a bathroom, with a litter box and water). Let the old cat have roam of most of the space, since she was there first. Introduce them slowly by placing one cat in a carrier and setting it in the other's space. Example: placing new cat in carrier an putting in the middle of the room for a few minutes. Put new cat back in bathroom, then put old cat in carrier, and putting the carrier in the bathroom with the new cat.

    Try bathing both cats with the same shampoo, so they smell the same. Then try cleaning and using odor-removal cleaners to get rid of the old/new cat smell.

    Use a water filled spray bottle and squirt the attacking cat to break up the fight. You can also try and be brave, and grab the attacking cat by the scruff, and placing him in the bathroom for about 5 minutes to make him calm down.

    It may take months for them to get along. I know, it has taken about 6 months for my cat to get along with the new cat.

    Source(s): I have cats of my own.
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    As with any new animal introductions, especially cats, it will take up to a few weeks for her to accept the newbie. Just be patient and leave food and water maybe in her room separate from the other until they get to know each other...Before you know it, they will best of kitty friends. This is much easier to achieve because they are both young. your kitty is just protecting her turf.

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    We had the same problem with an older spayed female and a young neutered male. They never did get along. We kept Ginger, whom we had had first, and then found a new home for Sparky, on the farm of people who raised alpacas, until Sparky himself passed away at a ripe old age. Ginger lived on peacefully and unmolested until she also passed on.

    What should you do? Get your female spayed.

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    seperate them, them when you feed them place a towl that the other cat has slept on near the food dish, do the same when you pet them (let them smell the towl when you pet them. this will have your cats link the other cat with good things, then put the aggresive cat in a carrier and let the other cat see him and let them get used to each other, gradually let them be in the same room, if they fight seperate them, some cats don't like to play so they may never play together but they will get along eventually

    Source(s): I have 10 cats, I know how to make them get along
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    you should put him in a room with water food a little box, et cetra, after about a couple months he might be fine, if hes not try washing your cat and spraying fabreeze in the house

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    GET HER FIXED . he is trying to make her his mate--she is trying to avoid him--she also needs to know her position in the family is still as topcat--so he needs to know his place. she needs extra loving from you--she thinkks kitten ius taking her spot and you do not love her anymore.

    give her more attention. get her spayed. introduce them formally--and let them play--she will not participate for a while, but she will come atround with loving and patience.

    letr her know she is still your girl.

    Source(s): sperience
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