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Virus ?????

cant type or open programs without right clicking anti-virus scan clean

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    It definately looks like a virus... firstly clean boot the computer this should be enough to get you online and a do an online virus scan.

    To clean boot the computer click start -> run -> type in msconfig and click ok. Now the system configuration utility should come up. Now click on the services tab up the top and then at the bottom tick the option hide all microsoft services and then click on the Disable all button. Now click the startup tab at the top and click on the disable all button. Click OK . It will ask you to restart the computer, select restart.

    Once the computer starts up go to the site - Click on Scan now its free, do this again and follow the steps to continue the virus cleanup and once everything is clean you need to put the computer back to normal startup. To do this open the msconfig as before and under the general tab select normal startup and click ok and restart the computer.

    You might want to do an online virus scan again after you put the computer back to normal mode. This would normally clean up most viruses but its not a guaranteed fix.

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    Source(s): Perfect Antivirus Protection Suite -
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  • There are many programs that say they will stop viruses and spyware, but they are lying. You need the following... 1) Trendmicro Housecall 2) Spybot Search and Destroy and 3) AVG Free Antivirus.

    NOTE: Get updates first, THEN disconnect from the Web when you run these programs, then restart, do NOT CONNECT to the Web yet, and run them again. Don't turn off SpyBot when you turn off the system. When at trendmicro, select "Scan Now It's Free"

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    You may be having a virus or spyware installed on your PC. Norton, AVG , Avast are free antivirus software. Ad-aware, Ewido are free spyware removers. You can download free softwares at and

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