How can I change my name?

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    To edit your name as it appears in an IM box...

    1). Log into Yahoo! Messenger.

    2). Click on Messenger.

    3). Click on My Contact Details.

    ~~If you want to have your First Name only, delete your Last name.

    ~~If you want to use the Nickname field, delete your First and Last name and enter the name you would like to see in the IM box in the Nickname field.

    ~~If you want only your Account ID to show, leave all fields blank.

    4). Always click Apply and OK when making any changes.

    For addition explanation and information go to


    To edit your name as it appears in a chatroom (My Profiles)...

    Go to Yahoo Messenger, click on Messenger, click on My Profiles, click on Create/Edit Profiles. Listed will be your Yahoo! ID and your Alias Names (f you've created any). You can Edit your Yahoo! ID/Alias Names, add/delete Alias Names or change your Default,

    Under edit you can edit your profile, add a picture to your profile and add a voice recording.

    This can also be changed while in the chatroom, Click on Chat at the top of the menu of the chatroom, click on change my nickname, fill in your nickname and click save changes. You may not see it immediately. You will need to log out of the chat and log back into chat to see the nickname.


    To edit your Account Information (name you see on Yahoo! pages)....

    Click on My Account on any Yahoo! Page you have just signed into (at the top of the page under your Yahoo! ID). Sign in and go down to the Address/Contact Information Section. Click on Edit. First and Last name fields MUST be filled in but you can change them to anything you would like. Click Finish.

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    Yer screen name can change in edit info on q + a page.

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