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Ipods suck!?

Ipods suck the sound quality is terrible, you HAVE to use itunes and you can't upload music from different computers and they're over priced and break very easily what are your views?

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    Yes, you are completely right. They are just a fad. The Creative Zen Vision: M is a much better alternative.

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    Are you using cheaper after-market headphones? My cats chewed the cord on my original earbuds so I replaced them (the earbuds, not the cats) with a pair of Sony earbuds that work just as well as the originals if not better. They cost several times more than the low-end garbage I tried first, but the quality was worth the extra money. And since the white Apple earbuds cord looks like a string which is very attractive to playful yet stupid cats, the black Sony cord doesn't get their attention and has remained intact for the last two years.

    You can upload any MP3 tracks to your iPod, you don't have to buy them through iTunes. And if you rip your CDs to an MP3 format you can listen to the files with either the iTunes or Windows Media Player systems.

    They are among the most expensive on the market, no argument there.

    They're no more fragile than other MP3 players of similar design, which isn't saying much. My 40g lasted two whole years before explaining to me in no uncertain terms that it didn't like being "gently tossed" (as I put it) onto my desk. Bummer, eh? It worked out to about $0.59 per day to use. An Apple shop wanted $150 to repair it ... I don't *think* so! I'm saving my pennies for a different system now, though I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to get...

  • I agree whole heartedly with you. why don't you vote me best answer then answer one of my questions and I'll do the same for you. That'll make us both feel better!

    My ipod broke last week the day after the warranty ran out! Jokers.

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    i just got mine and i sorta like ,theres pros and cons the overpricing and stuuf is so true but sometimes i really love it

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