Can you get a high quality image from a laptop to an HD ready TV? I'd Like to view digital photos etc.?

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    On the new 1080p televisions, digital photos look fantastic. The main problem is how to get them into the TV. Last year's Sony SXRD LCD projectors had a slot for a memory stick. You could tranfer your pictures to the stick and play them in the TV. They even had a nice slide show program. However, this year's model have removed that feature.

    You will not get good results recording your pictures to DVD, as much image quaility is lost in the process. Some DVD players will read JPEG files (that is the format the camera outputs, and that is what you want to send to your TV). If you can find one that outputs HD format signals on an HDMI port, that would work well,

    The new PS3 from Sony plays Blu-ray high definition DVDs and has a memory stick reader as well. That is also an excellent solution.

    Many HDTV sets have SVGA inputs so that the set can be used as a computer monitor. That is another way you can view your pictures at best quality, but you have to have your computer connected to the TV.

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    The highest quality picture you can get from a laptop to an HDTV is via HDMI or DVI. Check the monitor out on the back of the laptop to see if you have either one. If you don't have either, check to see if your TV has a monitor input. If you don't have that, the best picture you can get will be through the S-Video connector.

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