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would you be friends again??

last year i was really close to these two girls....and over the summer i heard they were talking stuff about me...........and now this school year.i dont know what to do.should i be their friends againa and forgive them?????????

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    take anything anyone says here with a grain of salt. we're not in the same situation so we can only speculate based on the info you've given us, and even then this is your decision and you will have to live with the consequences. That being said, you are operating from hearsay, so I think before you act perhaps you should talk to these girls and ask about these rumours you are hearing which may not even be true. Once you've talked to them you can gauge their attitude towards you and based on what they have to say I think the decision might become clearer. Keep in mind friends come and go, and real friends would not tread lightly on your emotions and would try to do good by you.

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    Well R U sure they were talking about you?

    You have to think about who was your source?

    I would be approachable, say hello and I would let them carry the rest of the conversation. This way you will feel if there is a change in their mannerism. If you feel like in fact its true than just slowly part convesation as the days go by.

    Dont start any drama, you will regret it. Its better not to have anny confrontation over something you will think is stupid as you get older.

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    What ever u want 2 do baby ~1~

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    well, if their friendship really means this much to you, you should give it a try. If you want to be their friends again for other purposes, i'd stay away because girls can be really mean. YOU have to decide if they're worth it

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