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22 presents!!?

I've decided to get my fiancee 22 presents and hide them around the house for his 22nd birthday. They all have to be inexpensive so I can get him something really nice for the 22nd present. I'm thinking like 1-5$ items. Ideas would be GREAT!!!

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    1- lengerie for you to wear for him

    2- whipper

    3- massage oil

    4- new boxer

    5- candle for dinner

    6- cupcake as a miniature birthday cake

    7 - go to old nay they have great deal right now on T-shirts

    8- socks

    9- a beanie

    10- some hair gel

    11- gillete turbo shaving razor

    12- gillete shaver replacements

    13- gift certificate $5 for starbux

    14- $5 gift certificate for In-N-Out

    15- new condom to make love to you

    16- a coupon from you for a date in which you treat for everything

    17- a coupon from you to use when he's mad at you for something so you can let him go on it reminding him that you can to forgive him with the coupon

    18- a copon to make love in a certain way he wants to only to be used 1 time for 1 try

    19- give him chocolates

    20- a second condom for seconds after you do it the first time

    21- a nice pair of jeans

    22- some nice shoes

    ON all this- you will spend about $100-$150 unless you don't buy the shoes but really look into the clearance racks at your local old navy they always carry really REALLY CHEAP STUFF for guys. No matter what you buy him- get it from an outlet or a clearance rack and your chances of being able to buy all 22 will be greater. When is his B-day? if it's after X-mas- you can buy everythign for real cheap the day after X-mas when they have sales

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    For the inexpensive presents, try department stores, or those stores like Marshalls or Tj Max, Or Kohls for things like sweaters on sale, or a Christmas tie. Also, he would love a box of chocolates, or a bag of his favorite candy. You could also get him an inexpensive ornament for your Christmas tree. Those things may be more than five dollars, but it's still going to add up if you get him 22 presents. How about you stick with 10 presents, and sprinkle rose petals or something romantic around. Then write notes, and leave them on the ground, leading him to the other gifts. The notes should say Remember when.. or little love letters, or inside jokes, or just clues to the next gift. For the big gift, I suggest something he will use A LOT, like a watch, or a football Jersey, or a Mp3 player. I don't know his hobbies, so I'm not one to know what he'd like. Just go to your nearest department store and look around. Good Luck!!

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  • You can make things, make a coupon book with a couple coupons that say things like "good for a 15 minute back massage" and "good for a 15 minute foot rub" and "good for a nice, hot bubble bath for 2" etc. etc. Make him his favorite dessert, make him a cd with cute love songs or his favorite songs, socks lol, go to the 99 cent store or the dollar king to get some ideas...this is harder than I thought. I could think of TONS of things for under 5 bucks to get for a girl but guys are hard!

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    Make things:

    A single cupcake with his name spelled out in jelly bellys

    A coupon for a massage

    A bag of his favorite snack food

    A free pass to hog the remote for a week

    That kind of thing. It's cheap and fun and very personal.

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    special handmade gifts would do try writing love coupons with hints to the next gift you can find sample coupons at this website

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    If he's a sports fan, you can go to ebay and get a bottle opener that plays his favorite sports teams fight song. I got one for my fiance and he just about died. He LOVED it!! It was like $3.00

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