Is there anyway to buy a satellite reciever that allows you to pick up radio stations from other cities?

Someone was telling me that there was someway that you could pick up other cites but they didnt know how.. any help would be very appreciated

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, get an XM satellite radio

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are different antennaes for different purposes. In order to receive signals that are far away, you need to look for a high power antennae that is outdoors.

    The antennaes are color coded with a label that can range from yellow, blue , purple, red. The ones that are labelled red have the most range and are the costly ones.

    By the way, you dont use a satellite dish receivers to capture over the air radio waves. They are specifically used for capturing from satellites. So your question is somewhat confusing.

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  • "XM Radio" and "Sirius" Satellite Radio services, provide their own content.

    What you are describing would be very "low tech" because the radio waves are going to be inherently "scratchy" sounding, compared to the Digital sound transmission of a dedicated satellite service.

    Some radio stations are "web-casting" by transmitting their signal over streaming audio files (you need broadband internet service to hear the finished product).

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