Is my motherboard dead?


I changed everything from my default HP tower into a new ATX tower I even changed the PSU and front panel connectors so everything is exactly the same except for the case.

I connect it and the green light of the PSU turns on but when I press power on the computer it lights up but then turns off and the green light from the PSU also turns off, if I disconnect it and plug it in the light turns green again but the same thing happens.

Is my motherboard dead?? Im pretty sure the PSU still works.

What can I do? Should I buy another Mobo that will work with the P4 CPU and pc2100 ram?? Is this mobo useless now?? I know my data is safe because its as a "slave" on this PC.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    This may not be your problem but try it,can't hurt. Make sure the cables or cable to your hard drive or hard drives are not plugged in backwards. The flat cable has a very fine red line on one side, this is to be plugged into pin one, ( 1 ) on the hard drive connector. I have had this to happen and it caused the same problem.

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  • yes i might be because it seems like it is not working. It might be busted or somthin.

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  • 1 decade ago


    Please read this article on Proprietary Parts

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