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What's bad about the para guard AKA IUD?

I got a Para Guard AKA IUD put in for birth control a few months back. So far so good. Aside from the heavier periods and the little bit of extra cramping, everything is ok. The only thing is that I am having a bit of extra discharge (which is not really a big problem). Does anyone that has used this or currently uses this have any issues/concerns with the IUD that I should be aware of?

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    I recently got mine in october. I found out I had a pelvic infection a few weeks later. With 14 days of antibiotics (which cleared the infection fine) I like the para guard. If you can deal with the heavy bleeding and occassional crampng it's a go! I do have a little clear gel like discharge but it's not a problem for me as long as it presents no odor

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    They yanked mine out 'cause I got a pelvic infection. I don't sleep around, they thought it was related to the IUD

    Since that happened I got tubes tied...much better, periods not so heavy, cramping all gone.

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    There is risk of it poking through your cervix wall. Also, I have an uncle that was an IUD baby, meaning my grandmother had one and it failed her. There is also a higher risk of developing infections, since there is a foreign object lodged in your innards at all times.

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