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X-BOx 360 trade-in?

I"m really interested in the PS3 and the only reason I didn't wait it out for 1 is because I heard they were $1000. But now I regret getting the 360. I was wondering about how much could I get on a trade-in at like game-stop or something if I have

1. THe premium system

2. 2wireless controllers

3. 2 battery packs

4. Charger for batterie packs

5. Madden 07

6. Call of Duty 2

3. NCAA football 07

I'm hoping somewhere above $400


I really don't care about waiting because the games I play most are already out like


Ncaa football

Fight Night

Call of DUty

and NBA games

Update 2:

I might throw in my PSP because I don't use it much

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    For the games you play, I don't see why you would want the PS3 since they will be coming out for both systems and the difference between the games will be barely noticable, if at all.

    ...but if you absolutely must have a PS3, I would wait a few months until they iron out the bugs in the system and online play.

    On the online play point, Xbox Live is well established. That's another good reason to stick with your 360.

    Oh and to answer your question, you always get burned with trade-ins. I'm not sure what you get but you'll be lucky to reach the $400 goal. If I was you, I would take that extra money you planned on spending on a PS3, and just buy more games.

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    you'd get about 400 bucks for that and trust me wait for the ps3 at least till march till some GOOD games come out or till the price goes down

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    1 decade ago

    why do you want to turn in your 360. ps3 not that great wait til better games are out on it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ps3 sucks.the only "GOOD" game is resistence fall of man.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ps3 is not soo great...Xbox is better!!

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