What are your feelings on the word "respect"?

I am just curious...I have heard this word used so many times, along with others like "disrespectful," "considerate," "inconsiderate," "rude," etc., that I try to use different ones in my own speech (except for in this question, of course), like "honor" or "care about." I understand the basic definitions, but since the world is so diverse, just about anything can be construed as "disrespectful." Why do we throw these words around so much in our culture? Are they meant to be inflammatory or hurtful? I know they're just words, but why do we emphasize the need to "respect" so much, and why are we so quick to say that someone is being "disrespectful"? I've always seen that word as cold and distant, but I'd like to hear others' thoughts on this. Thanks in advance for all of your responses, I really appreciate them.

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    well, for me respect is a positive word because it means that it is something we deserve. respect emphasises one's need for tolerance and acceptance from those around them. but at the same time, respect is something that people have to earn- you just cannot expect it to fall into your lap so you can pick it up. its just doesn't work like that. you have to earn respect: its not handed or given to you on a plate. you have to do something either pretty heroic, magnificent or some good deed for people to say thanks and to acknowldge what you've done and by them acknowledging you for that, its a way of them showing their respect to you.

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