How can I make a camcorder video look professional?

What can I do? I have a good DVD camocorder and I want to make my videos look professional. I am making a soap opera for my spanish class.. HELPP!!!!!

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    Here's a helpful guide for taking better videos:

    Plan your shots ahead of time (wide vs. close up, angle, lighting, etc.), and use a good video editor to assemble the scenes.

  • Roland
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    A steady hand helps a lot. Practice tucking your elbow tight against your body for stability. Then panning slowly.

    Or, use a tripod. Even a monopod (single leg) works well.

    Avoid using the zoom unless you can do it without that jerky look and feel.

    Don't rock like you might see on MTV. Keep it steady.

    Save fancy effects for when you are editing, not while shooting.

    Always start recording before the action begins and leave on a few extra seconds after the action ends.

    Record multiple takes of each scene, preferably from different angles or mid shot vs close up.

    If you are using two cameras, you may have a harder time in post-production making the footage look like it's all from the same scene. Rather than spend lots of time trying to clean it up, commit to either a single camera shooting style, or use identical cameras.

    Lighting, lighting, lighting. Use reflectors and anything you can to mute the effects of interior incandescent and florescent light.

    Above all, have fun. Enjoy it. Don't let yourself get frustrated.

    Good luck!

  • Kim
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    4 years ago

    The Canon XF100 is hard to beat as far as video quality at just a bit over your optimum budget $3300 retail. Most of the competition in this price range are still getting data rates comparable to the better consumer camcorders (25mbps or 11 gigs/hr). The XF100 is the least expensive camera of this type that gets you 50bmps. (About 24 gigs/hr). And it has the lens and other features you would expect from a pro camera. If you need gen-lock, get it's brother, the XF105 (If you don't know what gen-lock is, you don't need it). Be warned (for your budget) of a couple things: You don't just walk into Office Depot to get the cards for this. expect to pay around $200 for a couple 64 gig cards. And you don't edit video with this amount of data on an off-the-shelf $500 laptop from Best-Buy.

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    You may find helpful tips here...




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    there should be some software you can download online...


    or is it, muveemaker?

    or neither?


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