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yo killswitchengage_05 wat does ROH mean and wat Does Pw mean and wat does the other 1 mean to?

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    ROH(Ring Of Honor)- A wrestling company who trains wrestlers to become superstars

    PW(Pro Wrestling)-

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    ROH = Ring Of Honor

    One of the few wrestling promotions left in the USA that are still worth watching.

    Has had more five star matches since it's creation in 2002 than WWF/E has had in the past 25 years.

    Basically, it's an improved version of TNA that features all of the talent of TNA, and none of the washed up stars of yesteryear (Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Sting, etc...)

    It is the promotion where CM Punk, Paul London and Brian Kendrick came from, as well as new WWE signee, Claudio Castagnolli.

    If you are a fan of PRO WRESTLING, as opposed to the circus sideshow offered by WWE, and to a lesser extent, TNA, check it out.

    Source(s): ROHwrestling.com
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  • yep... ROH = Ring Of Honor ; an indy company.

    PW = Pro Wrestling

    what other one??

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    DUH IF U DONT KNOW THAT UR DUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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