i have a couple questions//.?

how to remove pimples or hide them good?

there is this boy i like how do i get him to notice me? the only problem is he's 2 years older but would go out w/ someone younger than him.

what is a cute color to paint my nails?


wait nevemind hes onl;y one year older. i just turned 13.

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    A face wash that I have stuck with because it's helped keep the breakouts to a minimum is St. Ive's Blemish & Blackhead Control Facial Scrub. And when I get a bad one....just put a little of the St. Ive's over it before bed (after washing your face) and the salacylic acid will help to dry it out.

    To cover 'em up, one concealer product that I have found to be awesome is Paula Dorf's Magic Stick. You can get it from Sephora or some Department stores (check online first) and they have different shades that match your skin. It's a stick concealer, so there isn't a lot of slippery or liquidy mess and you can apply it straight over your pimple. It blends very easily too.

    The Boy Sitch:

    You should just go for it and approach him! Some guys like forward girls and sometimes I think that if the woman didn't make a move, the guy would never notice her. So the way to get what you want is to go after it. If he doesn't return your feelings, then it's his loss cause I'm sure you're wicked awesome.

    Toenail colour:

    You should find a colour that matches your personality. And skin tone plays a small part in how colours will look. I would choose something neutral so the colour will match whatever you're wearing when you're showing off your toes. A medium toned colour is usually best as it won't contrast too much with skin AND it won't look gaudy.

    Good luck! =)

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    For your pimples, wash your hair weekly(if you are black) or every other day(for any other race). Wash your face twice a day and only twice. If you wash it too little, your skin will have too much oil, causing pimples. If you wash it too much, your skin will dry out and make more oil, causing pimples. Use Clearasil Ultra. That worked for me.

    For your boy problem, sadly most boys that age don't go for younger girls. So, you have to work hard. Act mature, as if you are his age. Act confident, also. Start as friends, first. Most relationships are best when built on friendship. But don't be too much of a friend. Flirt and show that you still think he's attractive without actually saying so. If it comes up, tell him your age, but don't tell him UNTIL he asks.

    A good color depends on your skin complexion. If you are pale, pale pink. Medium-toned, light green and black are good. If you are dark, red and dark pink are good colors. French tips are good for any complexion.

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    You could try using calamine lotion at night on pimples.

    Depending on your age, two years may be too many years apart.

    If you are 13, in my opinion, your boyfriend should be 12-14.

    If you are 14, then 13-15.

    If you are 15, 14-17.

    If you are 16, 15-17, and maybe 18, depending on the maturity levels of both teens.

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    --*what I do is use toothpaste on them over night.. it really does work


    --*talk to him, flirt around a little bit, get to know his friends, invite him and his friends on a group date with u and ur friends (maybe some older friends around his age)


    french tip them yourself.. go buy acryllic nails at walmart, or go get them done.. if you don't like the french tip dark colors are in right now for example.. black..dark burgandy..deep red..dark purple..dark brown

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    ive never had a pimple problem, but i heard that stuff on the t.v. works... the nail color thing depends on your skin color if you have light or dark skin and what color clothing you wear

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    umm i got this one pimple thing (its a cream) that works awesome... i dont know what its called to (now i feel like an ahole)

    ok first of it all when a guy says that they dont want to date anyone younger then them, that usually means that they want someone mature and they dont think younger girls could be that mature (i'm not saying your not mature, this is just a stereotype) try talking to him, hanging out w/ him, be his friend, trust me guys like not being pressured (i know i'm a guy ^_^) he'll eventually come around.... if not i owe you a coke

    cute... i dont know... but i like girls w/ black fingernails.... ^_^ god i'm so goth ^_^ lol

    hope this helps...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Clearisel over night treatment!

    Dont be afraid to talk to him, and get to know him, even do a little flirting!

    french tip, pink!

    good luck hunnie

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  • 1 decade ago

    burts bee's herbal blemish stick

    look cute and be you-if he doesn't notice you don't make yourself something your not to impress him

    french or sparkly gold

    Source(s): rockin hairstylist
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