Why am i so unlucky in my life?!!?

i am so unlucky.... i probably am one of the people god wanted born to live a damn horrible life...

first off im ugly (me about 3 months ago.... -.-)





2nd i have a unibrow and my parents wont let me remove it

3rd i just moved away from my entire family and all my friends.. just so my dad can get a better job here

4th I lived in florida which is ranked one of the worst states in education and I was doing bad already and I moved to Virginia which is one of the top states and im doing even worse. im not smart and probably have no future other than joining the army (which I actually am looking forward to )

and lastly i have no life anymore

i go to school come back and am forced (by DAD) to go straight to work as a stocker at at grocery store

(one of the reasons im doing bad at school)

god damn i am so unlucky!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    First off, you are not ugly. With your next paycheck, go to a salon, and get your unibrow waxed (DO NOT try it yourself). Shave off that peach fuzz--most girls don't actually think that is attractive anymore. And get a different, slightly shorter, spikier haircut. That will take care of any style issues.

    Second off, it takes time to make friends in a new place. All you need is one friend, but if you are angry or upset about moving, and it shows, you'll have a more difficult time making friends. Try to be positive--and what about making friends at work?

    Third off, Florida schools are horrible. But it sounds like you have just given up. Have you tried tutoring?

    Lastly, you sound pretty spoiled. Your Dad expects you to take some responsibility and work, and you use that as an excuse to do badly in school. Your Dad had to move to Virginia to get a better job, and you think that's a lousy reason. Well guess what, most everything that parents do is for their children. Do you think it's easy for either of your parents to move away from their friends, either? Do you think it's easy for your father to go to work in a new job, where he knows no one, when it is his responsibility to support the family? And it's almost 5pm Florida time, so obviously you don't have to work every single night, all night. Use the time to study instead of playing on the computer. And Virginia has laws against working minors too late, so you will have time after work on weekends to have a social life, once you get the chip off of your shoulder and make friends.

    Any adult can tell you that adolescence is traumatic. We know that. But it is still your choice to sit and complain, or carry on, and most people have no respect for complainers who do nothing but feel sorry for themselves. Your father is trying to give you a better life. Don't be so hard on him. And start holding yourself to a higher standard.

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  • you not ugly

    and your dad is preparing you for the future. you are learning good work ethics and you will be succesufl in the future if you put what you learn to good use. dont worry about the unibrow, makes you look like a MAN and not a girly girl like some other guys who have totally feminie features.

    ahh yes and lastly joning the Army is a lot harder to get into than college. Anyone can go to college (at the very least a community college) but you need to be in perfect health, score a good grade on your ASVAB (similar to an SAT) and have the physical and mental ability to get through the day to day army details. many wont even make it past bootcamp and end up in a college classroom cause its a lot easier.

    Source(s): I know cause I am in the military as well as attend harvard and military is so much more difficult.
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  • 1 decade ago

    You're not ugly at all first of all, you're actually pretty cute. And your eyebrows arent a huge problem, eventually you can do whatever you want with them. I moved too, it was extremely hard, but I managed to find friends that three years later I still hang out with. But for a while I felt like a complete outsider, and I felt left out because everyone talked about the good ol' days I wasnt around for. But its ok, just wait it out, life gets better. As for smarts....Smart by definition is the rate at which you learn things. So it doesnt matter, and for all I know you could be very smart. I'm terrible at math, but if i push myself I understand and can do it, its just determination. And about grocery bagging...just explain to your dad that you need something more then that, he might understand. You're a great person and you've got soooo much to look forward to, stay positive, and you can do anything you want, whatever it is. Dno't let anybody tell you otherwise, they're all full of it ; )

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your not UGLY you just need some fine tuning. Try a new hair style and perhaps ask the barber to shape up your eye brows and then blame him if your parents ask.

    Eventually you'll make new friends and family can always visit and vice versa. As for school, maybe a tutor can help or hit the books a bit harder.

    As for being a stock boy, make the best of it be nice to customers you'll probably make friends that way. Try joining a school activity and PLEASE THINK TWICE ABOUT THE ARMY.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are what you want to be. I looked at your pictures and you have so much protential to be cute but no matter what you do to your appearance it's your self-esteem that needs a make over! Your worst enemy is yourself, you have to stop downing and belittling yourself! Your negagtive additude could bring you bad luck and that's just the beginning of it! Your young so change now before it's too late! Get your eyebrows done (alot of men now of days do!) get a cool hair cut, and read some self helper books to help you! GOOD LUCK! Look on the brighter side of things! You only live once why waste your life being so unhappy!

    Source(s): Opinion
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  • 1 decade ago

    You are not ugly but you do have some rather large eyebrows.

    It is what a person is inside that counts the most. Don't be so

    down on yourself. I had to grow up as an Army Brat and my Dad

    was a recruiter so we didn't always live on an Army Base. When

    I turned 12 we moved to Piqua Ohio and it was 2 years of Hell. One kid blamed me for his brother dying in Vietnam because my Dad signed him up and when I was almost 14 there wer 5 kids

    who tried to hang me. They did put a noose around my neck and

    kick the bike out from under me and split but I managed to get my hands inside the noose then get my feet over a branch and pull myself up enough to get the rope off but it burned my chin, my nose and my forehead and I couldn't tell my parents what happened because they were so mean and would say I caused it

    but they did yell at me for getting scraped up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First you arent the most unlucky person in the world theres ppl living out on the streets no food no money. and dont complain bout haveing to work and go to school, your not the only one some ppl have to work hard and go to school to help there parents pay bills, your not ugly if the unibrow bothers you so much, shave it off what are your parents gonna do ground you? you say you go to school and go right to work after school dosent sound like you have any extra time to do anything anywayz. and it not like they can make it grow back, jus get a razor hide it so they cant take it away. after a while they will get use to you shaveing it n not care after a while. i had to move away from my family and friends to i live in kentucky it sux's azz here but i suck it up n deal with it. my husbands in the army, it sux's lol. talk to your councelor about how things are at home with they might talk to your parents bout your grades n tell em working so much is affecting them. jus talk to your councelor they are there to help.

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  • Maggie
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    1 decade ago

    You are not ugly! If your parents really don't want you to wax your unibrow, they are crazy. Do it anyway. Get this:


    at your local drugstore or online here:


    and do it when you are home alone. Your parents will just have to get over it. If you shave and put some highlights in your hair, you would be very good looking!

    Also, I was horrible in school. Just horrible. It made me feel hopeless. But I'm good at something-writing. And now I'm a technical writer working from home, my dream job. I know there is something you are good at. You can make a living doing almost anything! Figure out what your qualities are and work on them.

    Finally, your father can't make you work. It's illegal. Quit your job and tell him you need to study after school. Tell him it's against the law to make your child work. It is. Hang in there, things will get better!

    Oh yeah, and please don't join the army! You're just going to get killed in Iraq. Is that what you want?

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are unlucky. The best thing you can do is to not reproduce and not to make friends, so your genes would just go away. If I were you, I would probably dedicate my life to helping the lucky people live. I would drop out of school, go to your job full time, because you going to do that anyways after high school

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you are where you are in life because thats where you want to be.

    if you can dream it you can be it.

    imagine the future and its yours!

    its a great world if you allow some good into your life.

    before you go to sleep at night - think of 3 good things that happened and think about why they happened.

    try this exercise for a month and see what happens and how you feel

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