Is Edmonton a good city to live for family with 2 kids??Is it easy to find Computer Operator jobs and Nail Technician jobs?Is it cheap and less crime?How about Health Care

system in Alberta?Any advice will be appreciated very much.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Great place to live. If you don't mind the winters/or should I say weather. It's been very odd last few years. This year winter is back to normal, some days a low of -25 deg Celsius. Transporation is good, a vibrant growing city in the middle of an oil boom. We are the dubbed the City of Festivals and City of Champions. Lots of stuff to do when you have lengthy times off, we are 4 hours from the mountains (Jasper), and 4 hours from our sister city Calgary and it's mountain city resort of Banff and Lake Louise. Great places to take the family. What else? Oh did I mention we still have the largest shopping mall in the world, West Edmonton Mall. For more info if you are Net savvy; look at the source I provided. Housing right now is a little bit of an issue, Big Boom = Higher housing costs.

    Hope that helps with your decision!

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  • 4 years ago

    actually its a good price and you have to remember american cars lose value alot faster than any other and thats a good price but it depends if youere buying cash or financing because most of the time the internet prices are cash and carry prices plus the fees they throw big numbers when you finance for instance at our place its 20 percent more of the cash and carry price. you also have to remember this is the base model 300 no hemi, no leather and it also has alot of miles for the year

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