re: on getting money $3,500back from lawyer?

I wanted to know if there was i chance i could get back some of the $ my lawyer charged me I believe the lawyer didnt do any work because there was never a court metting. Infact we only meet once and i didnt sign a retainer, he asked for that deposit to get work started but the case was dismissed within 3 weeks (i recieved a letter from the police department saying there was insufficient evidence. and yes i was not guilty of it my husband was just mad because i wanted to spilt needless to say they prob. dismissed it cause they saw i was 5"4 opposed to his 6'1 figure and I never touched him.

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    I don't know if your state has adopted the Uniform Rules of Professional Conduct, but they will have some ethical rules as to fees. The attorney should return any unused portion of the fee. The fee has to be reasonable and it usually has to be similar to the other fees customarily charged.

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    I don't think a lawyer could justify charging that kind of money for an appearance or two in remand court. He likely did write the prosecution department and reviewed particulars, so yes, he is entitled to some money. Don't forget you pay for phone calls and letters too..whether to you or otherwise, as long as it is related to your case. There is normally like a $250 fee just for opening and reviewing a file.

    At any point that a lawyer bills you and hence takes part of your retainer, he is to provide you with a copy of his invoice for work done. Have you received an invoice? How long ago was your matter disposed of? If it hasn't been long, he probably just hasn't gotten around to invoicing you and providing you with the unbilled balance of your retainer. Your $$ could still be sitting in his trust account.

    If he has provided you with a bill which amounts to your entire retainer and you don't feel that this amount of work was expended, you can apply to the court to have his fees assessed. I would contact you local court house or state law society for more info on how to proceed with this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You should call the lawyer and ask for your deposit back.

    If he says he did do some work on your case, ask him

    to provide an itemized bill. This is standard and he should

    not have any problem at all providing you with this.

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    Getting money BACK from a lawyer?....Good Luck. Sorry, but I really don't think they'll refund any of your money.

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