any good slob disses?

another one instead of punch a slob in his lip watch his favorite color drip,

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    I have one for you, but doubt its what you are asking.

    Instead of hating a mean person, love them and maybe they can learn to love other ppl.. Now there is a novel idea.

    No one should make fun of and pick on another person, they have rights like you do. You must feel very small as to only feel big by tearing down other ppl.

    Some ppl arent taught how to dress or look nice and also have little money. Instead of making fun of someone you call a slob, maybe see if they can use some kind advice and help and maybe even help them buy something new to help them look better. Isnt that what you would someone to do for you?

    SUre glad so many of us Christians dont want to be mean to mean ppl anymore than being mean to someone that dresses funny. not only that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Msaybe ppl think you look funny and dress funny or talk funny. Work on improving you and see what you can do to help others. Its a good feeling. try it sometimes, beats all the anger and hate. Hear only Gods voice, it will change your life and those around you.

    No disses for you today. you diss yourself by allowing yourself to be mean. and you label yourself. we dont label you. I would rather be a sloppy dresser than be a mean hearted person. when you most need a true friend, noone will be there, cuz noone likes other mean ppl, unless they are mean too, and when they are needed, they cant be bothrered. Many dont realize this until some horrible thing happens in life and then they do. But a sloppy dresser might be there for you, if you were ever nice to him.

    You can say you dont care, thats just a hard heart talking. If you need to make fun of someone, you are lacking something and you do need ppl. its so obvious. reach out dude and get it. even to a sloppy dresser.

    That guy that is Mr. GQ if he isnt there for you when you learn you are dying.. what good is he? Sloppy dresser may come to love you and be there for you. But, hey dude was looking good over there hey? Materialism is of the devil. give it up.

    we dont need fancy clothes and shoes to be ok.

    God shows me I am ok no matter what I have on, and I dont have to impress anyone. As long as God thinks I look Good, I am kool with that. Ppl so easy become little followers of various groups, the meanies, the druggies, the preps, the slobs, whatever... and do what it takes to get acceptance formthat gorup. you are a follower. Oh man. I only follow God. God makes me a leader for Him, and I dont have to impres anyone. What a freeing experience, one I pray one day you will grow up and just KNOW. NOthing like it man. and I am a 60 yr old gramma that ppl think is only 35-40, which doesnt matter to me either way. I am what I am. But, its the pure heart God gives me to make me look good and be joyful and happy and needing absolutely noone to tell me I look good, or sound good. I know I do, cause God shows me. I dont say it in arrogance or superiority. I am not above anyone nor am I underanyone either. we are all the same, its what we choose to do with our free wills that tells us who we really are. Character or no character. What happens some day if you have a child that is deformed, of you are in a wreck and get all messed up. You want meanies making fun of you or a child of yours.. whatever. NOne of us know what is around the corner for us dude. so wake up and smell the roses while you still can. Jesus is coming soon. Be ready....

    Source(s): God and a lifetime of watching ppl. I had a child that was in a chair for awhile and ppl made horrible fun of him. He was too smart to let it bother him. He would just oooh mom, they are just ignorant. Even at 10 and dying, he knew TRUTH. HMMMMMM?
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    1 decade ago

    slobKz dis themselves their just bKitchez!!!

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