Stereo installation '97 geo prizm, wire colors?

I'm trying to install a new deck in a 1997 geo prizm. the harness that attatched to the OEM stereo obviously doesn't fit the new one, and the colors don't match up either, so in order to get my deck to work I need to know what each wire does and its color.

I don't want to hear about going out and buying an installation kit and a harness, i have these things, I still need to know what wire controls what.

Thank you in advance.

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    1997 Geo Tracker Stereo Information

    Constant 12V+ White

    Switched 12V+ White/Black

    Ground Black

    Illumination Red/Yellow

    Dimmer Red/Green

    Antenna Driver's Pillar

    Front Speakers 4" Dash

    Left Front (+) White

    Left Front (-) Black/Blue

    Right Front (+) Blue

    Right Front (-) White/Red

    Rear Speakers 5" Side Panels

    Left Rear (+) Light Green

    Left Rear (-) Light Green/Black

    Right Rear (+) Gray

    Right Rear (-) Gray/Black

    its not for a prizm but im hoping it helps

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  • 1 decade ago

    Figure it out using a DMM (Digital Multi Meter) if you know how to use one. Ive done it when all the wires were brown in a car that never orrigionally had a radio so all the wires were put in aftermarket. Im also MECP.

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  • 1 decade ago will help you with all ? and problems

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