how do you put a video into a powerpoint!!?

how do you take a google video and put it into the powerpoint

its for hw!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are two ways to do it.

    1.) Make a new slide or in a existing slide, put a text that is the title for the video, then right click on it and select Hyperlink, then go to Browsed Pages and find the site of the Google video.

    2.) (Harder One) Download the Google Video and click on the insert tab in the power point at the top next to "View." Then go to movies and sounds, and insert movie from file. But heres the deal, the downloaded vidoe from google is in a different format that Powerpoint doesnt support, so you would have to download a (.gvi to .mpg) convertor, then go from there.

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  • 4 years ago

    to incorporate a action picture or video clip in a PowerPoint presentation, you basically click 'Insert', click on 'movies and sounds', then click 'action picture from document'. understand that PowerPoint basically acknowledges MP3, AVI and few different document formats so in case you may not upload a video because of the fact it rather is FLV or another unrecognized media form, then you basically acquire a video format converter, to transform the document to a known format.

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