So What do I do Part III?

Guys, thank you for all your answers, most of them are great but some of you got me all WRONG. Please see my first 3 questions. Yes, I have been very unhappy in my marriage, my wife has a very bad temper and I think I finally got tired of it (and yes, of course I have talked to her about it for years). I have NOT cheated on her and I DO NOT plan to cheat on her. I understand that I have to take responsibility for my actions (feelings) but I was (have been) very sad when this person started "messing" with me and I let my guard down and I guess I developed feelings for her. I want it to STOP, I do NOT plan anything with this person but the reality is that I do feel something (whatever it is) and while she is till here at work for at least 1 year I have to "battle" my feelings. I DID NOT start this, SHE started "sweet-talking" to me and I "took the bait." I don't want to change jobs, she only has about 1 year left or less here at my work. What should I do? I love my job and I am happy.

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    I'm sorry your wife is a few degrees off center...

    secondly, we all face "temptations" and

    thirdly, as a rule of thumb, NEVER get involved with a co-worker.... not ever, even if you are both single.... just not a good policy...

    If you like your job, you won't after you get something going with her, sweetie.... read some of the other questions of this site about co-workers who have gotten involved..... you have no idea how miserable your job will become.....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Treat her as you would a male co-worker, tell her you are married and trying to work out some issues with your wife and don't think it is wise to have a friendship right now. Let it go! Then I think you could use some counseling, either as a couple or individual. You deserve to be happy and owe it to your marriage vows to give it a really good try. You fell in love with your wife for a reason, maybe you guys can recapture that. But it will not happen if you are letting another woman play on your emotions, no matter how innocent. Flirt with your wife instead, and ask her to join you in saving your marriage. Marriage is great, especially when you give it all you've got. Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need to learn to stand up for yourself instead of letting women lead you around by your nose.

    Have some courage and confront your wife about her temper. Tell her she needs to show you something or the marriage is over, and mean it.

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