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Where can I go for help with filling out soc. sec. disability form online? I need a real person.?

I need a real person to go to who can help me fill it out. It's too confusing online. I have ptsd, depression, anxiety & panic attacks and a physical leg injury. On top of that I'm 100% sure I have bipolar disorder and am trying to find a way to be diagnosed & treated but w/o insurance it's a long process. I need to get on disability so I can survive while picking up the pieces of my life if that's possible.

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    Most Attorney offices provide assistance for Social Security Disability. They will also help you through the entire process. Each state may be different, but I don't believe that it is, there is no consulatation fee and will be no fee until you are awarded your benefits. Most attorney offices will provide you with a list of places to help assist you in the treatment of your conditions. These clinics are either free or low cost.

    Source(s): I am a paralegal with a law firm and that is what my job consists of is working with Social Security Disability. I have been working and dealing with Social Security for the past 4 years.
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    Source(s): Approval For Disability Benefits -
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