I am currently in Dubai, any suggestions where to go for fun, shopping ..etc?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Burj al arab (thats the best hotel here. dinner and hotel rooms r great here)

    jumeirah beach (best beach in dubai)

    mall of arabia

    ibn battuta mall

    you came at the wrong time. 2015 is the best time to be in my homecity of dubai. thats when all the cranes will b gone and all the projects will b finished.

    Source(s): resident of dubai
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  • 1 decade ago

    The best way to find out what your cup of tea is by taking the BIG BUS TOUR. Its amazing. I was in Dubai last week and wished I was still there rather than the snow in my home city.

    Going to the BURJ AL ARAB will require you to make reservations well in advance.

    The big bus tour is great. It takes you on two different routes. The first is the Beach tour which is about 2 hours then the City tour which is another 1.5 hours. With this $40 deal you get entrance tickets to a bunch of other places. If you purchase your tickets online you save some money. You can get on the bus at Deira City Centre Mall and even purchase your tickets there. I believe the 1st bus leaves at 10am.

    Enjoy your stay. I certainly did!!!

    Source(s): www.bigbustour.com
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lots of places to go in Dubai, for shopping, Ibn Batuta mall is a must see, it is a great place, not just a mall it is like a museum, Emirates mall is good to see too, and Mercato mall.

    If you are a night person, Marina Dubai hotel's restaurants are outdoor, and very lively, also the Marina walk, and the Jumeria city. Enjoy you stay and the great weather

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