Do you think most MLMers would stay in business if they only earned commissions on their own sales?

In other words, if the head company no longer permitted earning commissions from people they recruit (essentially making all reps strict sales people), would MLMers still sell the products for a living.

(I don't mean keeping the agreement for the discount on purchases, i mean staying active selling product).


Gerry, I have to disagree. I a direct sales organization, you do not get promoted to a managerial position (where you would be earning overrides) until you have proven yourself through, selling enough product to at least make a living. In addition, no matter who you bring to the company by referral, if you can't sell product yourself, you are out. You actually get paid on value.

In MLM, you can sign people up right away without ever having sold anything nor even knowing how to sell yourself. In MLM you can hope to make money signing someone else up that does a lot of sales essentially making you money for doing nothing but signing someone else up.

Vastly different!

Update 2:

Prove yourself in MLM first? lol.

What MLMer is selling enough personal volume to make a living? Are you?

Mexico4me, we all know you sell bottles of juice for your MLM, how many bottles are you selling every month that 'proved' yourself?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    probably, in most multi-level marketing companies about 5% of the people actually support the company. The rest don't usually make enough to be significant and don't last very long.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have to prove yourself through sales in MLM too.

    Gerry is 100% right. You do not advance until you prove yourself in sales be it direct sales or MLM.

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