How many drinks would give a 0.186 g/dL on a alcohol blood test?

If a person was tested two hours after they stopped drinking and their serum blood test came out to 0.186 g/dl, how much would you say they had to drink? What is a high level and what is considered low? Are there any reference sites at which to check alcohol serum levels?

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    1. How many drinks they must have drunk depends on what was consumed, how quickly it was consumed, and individual metabolism. So that's not a very answerable question.

    2. Low level is 0.0, or no alcohol. 0.8-1.0 is the legal limit for DUI in most states.

    3. Try for more information.

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    The content of the alcohol in the blood stream BAC varies based on sex, age, body size, body type, and a whole range of other things that make this calculation indicative only and not to be used as evidence in a court of law.

    Assuming that drinker was 25 year old male, 6 ft tall, weighting 200 lbs, and that he drunk 10 glasses of beers having content of 4.9% of alcohol, 2 hour ago, his blood alcohol content will be .109. In order to BCA to read .186g/dl they would need to drink about 18 drinks. They drunk much stronger staff.

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    It depends on the size of the person and what they were drinking. For an annorexic midget drinking straight whiskey that's about two drops. But for Chris Farley, thats a gallon or so of Bud.

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