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Average cost for a Rott puppy?

My husband would like a rottweiler (spelling?) puppy. If I am going to give in, I want to get him a true rott and not a mixed breed. What is the average cost?

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    In the US, a pet quality rottie from a professional breeder could cost $400 and up, but more likely, considerably more. Responsible and ethical breeders will often charge less for pet quality puppies so that they can find a great home. One never wants to purchase from pet shops, puppy mills, backyard breeders, ads on the internet, craig's list,, newspaper ads, signs in yards, and other horrible resources. These are usually low quality dogs that are prone to severe health and behavioural issues.

    Instead, visit the Rottie website and learn about the breed, what they need, and how to find a good breeder of these dogs. Again, bad breeders frequently breed these dogs to sell to the uneducated consumer and basically scam them. Read the links that I provide to help you find a good breeder and a great dog.

    Good luck in your search. : )

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    $800-$1000 from a breeder.

    DO NOT buy from pet stores, the price will be much higher and you'll get a puppy-mill puppy with potential health issues that will cost you 3 times the amount of the dog in the long run!

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    I paid $400.00 without paper for paper $500.00 but prices can vary depending on breeder and where you live.

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    £400 - £600 from a reputable KC registered dealer.

    Do your research first..............

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