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autumn asked in Computers & InternetInternet · 1 decade ago

is there a website where you can e-mail messages to a phone like a text message (for free)?

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    Have you try googles bar ?? It comes with a txt message center where you can send txt to mobiles , I THINK and im not sure but yahoo has the same , I know google does cause i use it , but you need to have an account for it , if you dont then write me and ill send you an invitation so you can do it ok Let me know ok

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    Most of the provider web sites have this ability (, etc) type in the phone number you wish to send a text message to and then type the message, free for you sending however might charge recipient based on there phone plan.

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    1 decade ago

    Lately a disabled friend of mine in California has been sending me messages from some service provided by which I've been able to send & receive via my regular e-mail while she's been stuck in bed due to pain from her curved spine (and unable to get to her computer)

    You can also send them from YAHOO Messenger, though it may be free to send them....... I've had friends in the States I've sent the messages to bitching on at me about the messages costing them $5 a shot to receive them (if that's true, where the hell did the phone companies get them prices from!?)

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    4 years ago

    Your terrific answer is to alter your digital mail handle and make certain you basically provide this handle out to depended on pals and family. because of the fact maximum digital mail addresses are unfastened, you additionally must get a 2nd digital mail account strictly for employer, and a nil.33 digital mail account strictly for direct mail. interior the interim, provide up establishing up those e-mails! you do no longer could examine them, you be attentive to! there is the thank you to delete them without analyzing them! Use that function! circulate on your cellular-telephone provider and get a clean account with a clean telephone and get rid of your previous account altogether. returned, basically provide your new cellular telephone quantity to depended on pals and family and on no account to strangers. do no longer open any mail from this individual, you could deliver it returned as undelivered in case you so desire. yet make those adjustments ASAP. those are easy adjustments which will help the terrific.

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  • Liz
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    I have sprint and i know if you go to you can send a text to either sprint or nextel. Find out the provider where you are trying to send it to and then look up the website.

    Source(s): I use it!
  • 1 decade ago is the best u do not have to pay but the person who reciveing the MSG has to pay 99 cents that depends what service you r sending it to

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