What are the scents in aromatherapy for? I need a list, like Rose = Stress relief (i'm pretty sure that's not true, though. It's just an example). Please try to include as much scents as possible, I need to know what scents I need to buy.

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    Essential Oil Name Properties Emotional/Mental Physical How to use Cautions

    Basil Holy warming, stimulating, anti-inflammatory clear thinking, faith, compassion, calms nerves headaches, sinus, asthma, bronchitis diffuse, bath, massage avoid for pregnancy, can irritate skin

    Bay Laurel fresh, spicy, refreshing confidence, insight, courage lymph congestion, sprains and bruises, colds & coughs diffuse, massage avoid for pregnancy, use moderately, can be a narcotic

    Bergamot cooling, uplifting, euphoric optimism, spontaneity, calms nervous tensions urinary infections, herpes, shingles diffuse, bath, massage phototoxic - avoid exposure to sun for 3 hrs. after bath or massage

    Cedarwood Atlas warming, harmonizing, meditative strength, endurance, use for anger coughs, bronchitis, bladder and kindey infections, oily skin and hair diffuse, bath, massage, topical avoid for pregnancy

    Chamomile Roman sweet & warm, soothing, calming calm, acceptance, use for stress, irritability muscle spasms, eczema, arthritis, colic, PMS diffuse, bath, massage, topical

    Clary Sage euphoric, clearing, regulating, increases estrogen clarity, groundedness, use for fear, depression asthma, muscular stiffness, cramps diffuse, bath, massage avoid for pregnancy

    Cypress astringent, refreshing gives stability, renewal, use for loss, anger hemorrhoids, varicose veins, bladder infections diffuse, bath, massage avoid for pregnancy

    Eucalyptus Sweet refreshing, stimulating dispels melancholy, promotes optimism asthma, bronchitis, coughs diffuse, massage do not use with infants

    Eucalyptus Radiata refershing, stimulating dispels melancholy, promotes optimism colds, congestion, coughs diffuse, massage safe for children

    Eucalyptus Citriodora refershing, stimulating dispels melancholy, promotes optimism insect repellent diffuse, massage

    Fir Balsam warming, refreshing grounding, promotes intuition, use for anxiety, stress, creative blocks muscle and rheumatic pain, asthma, coughs diffuse, bath, massage

    Fir Siberian refreshing, fortifying good self image, energy, use for guilt, helplessness asthma, bronchitis, flu, cystitis, hepatitis, prostate diffuse, massage could be skin irritant

    Frankincense warm, tranquil, revitalizing promotes meditation, prayer, use for agitation scars, wounds, wrinkles, asthma, colds, flu, stress diffuse, bath, massage

    Geranium Rose light, sensual, balancing promotes security, intimacy, use for workaholic, discontent hormone balancing, diuretic, adrenal conditions diffuse, bath, massage could cause contact dermatitis

    Grapefruit refreshing, cooling, reviving lightness of spirit, use for self-criticism cellulite, oily skin, obesity, water retention diffuse, bath, massage

    Jasmine euphoric, calming, uplifting, aphrodisiac harmony, delight, creativity, use for fear, apathy hormone, balance, uterine, tonic, sensitive skin diffuse, bath, massage

    Juniper warming, invigorating, clearing empowerment, use for worry, gloom, fear of failure cystitis, bronchitis, arteriosclerosis, obesity, oily skin diffuse, bath, massage avoid for pregnancy, kidney disease

    Lavender calming, cooling, balancing calm, composure, use for emotional overload, tension, panic headaches, insomnia, acne, bruises, burns, asthma, flu, colic diffuse, bath, massage, topical

    Lemon refreshing, purifying trust, clarity, concentration, use for confusion, indecision, fatigue antiseptic, blood puifier, rheumatism, gout, liver cleanser diffuse, bath, massage photosensitising, do not use on skin before exposure to sun

    Lemongrass stimulating, reviving, tonic good for jet lag, small amounts are calming and clearing antiseptic, analgesic, tonic to nervous system diffuse, massage could be a skin irritant

    Mandarine Red soothing, uplifting happiness, calm, use for anxiety, insomnia, stress detoxifying, regulating to lymphatic system, water retention diffuse, bath, massage phototoxic - do not use on skin before sun exposure

    Myrrh dry, meditative, warm, calming clarifying, grounding, use for sorrow, worry thrush, athlete's foot, ringworm, cracked skin, mouth ulcers diffuse, bath, massage avoid for pregnancy

    Neroli cooling, clearing, sedative comfort, strength, release muscle spasms, diarrhea, heart palpitations, dry skin diffuse, bath, massage

    Orange cheerful, warming, uplifting ease, optimism, happiness, use for irritability constipation, obesity, water retention, gas, chills diffuse, bath, massage

    Peppermint fresh, stimulating, regulating clear thinking, concentration, use for mental fatigue indigestion, sinus congestion, headaches, gall bladder, nausea diffuse, topical could be sensitizing

    Rose Otto joyous, cooling, soothing opens the heart, love, trust, use for anger & fear, anxiety sensitive skin, herpes, nausea, poor circulation, palpitations diffuse, bath, massage do not use during first 3 months of pregnancy

    Rosemary fresh, reviving mental clarity, good memory, use for poor memory low blood pressure, poor circulation, colds, sinus diffuse, bath, massage avoid for pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure

    Rosewood sweet, warm, balancing calm, uplifting, use for fatigue, worry, frigidity acne, dermatitis, scars, dry sensitive inflamed skin diffuse, bath, massage

    Sage purifying, penetrating, warming strong memory, inward focus, use for nervous debility, insomnia throat & mouth infections, jaundice, asthma, coughs, headaches diffuse avoid for pregnancy

    Sandalwood uplifting, opening, meditative courage, energy, drive, use for worry, attachment chapped skin, sore throat, cystitis, dry coughs, colic, gastritis diffuse, bath, massage, topical

    Tea Tree antibiotic, calming strength, morale, use for tension, stress acne, athlete's foot, chicken pox, fungus, burns diffuse, topical could be sensitizing

    Thyme hot, dry, stimulating courage, energy, drive, use for poor self-confidence, fear lung infections, fatigue, chills, colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis diffuse, massage high blood pressure, could be sensitizing

    Vetiver warm, earthy, tranquil grounding, centering, use for oversensitivity PMS, menopause, hormone balancing, anemia, malabsorption diffuse, bath, massage

    Ylang Ylang sensual, heady joy, sensuality, use for agitation, fear withdrawal, anxiety hypertension, palpitations, epilepsy, diabetes, acne, oily skin diffuse, bath, massage

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    Basil Lemon

    Bergamot Lemongrass

    Black Pepper Marjoram

    Cajeput Melissa-Lemonbalm

    Chamomile Myrrh

    Citronella Neroli

    Cedarwood Orange

    Clary Sage Patchouli

    Clove Peppermint

    Cypress Petit Grain

    Eucalyptus Pine

    Fennel Rose

    Frankincense Rosemary

    Geranium Sandalwood

    Ginger Tea Tree

    Grapefruit Thyme

    Hyssop Vetiver

    Jasmine Ylang Ylang



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    What constituents are you looking for, just stress? It's my job and life's work, so your best bet is to buy the oils pre-made by the formula. Other than that, Lavender Lane is the most reasonable online company for purchases. I get mine at discount and at bulk because I have a business, so please be careful in deciding which ones you choose. Not all oils are to be used in conjunction with others, and if you plan on making your own formulas with the oils themselves, use goggles and gloves, otherwise you are playing with fire.

    How do you plan on using them?

    Here is a formula to be used as an inhalant, spray aerosol or bath ( just know that oils in the bath must be used accordingly and very little goes a long way- don't get out too fast, you'll end up slipping in the tub ).


    4 1/2 parts lavender

    4 1/2 parts orange

    2 parts pine

    5 parts sandalwood

    5 parts lemon verbena

    4 parts galangal

    5 parts vetivert

    2 parts cinnamon

    These in a dilution of distilled water for aerosols is very effective. This is a very strong formula and if you are not comfortable making it, I go back and recommend going through the online catalogs for pre- made ones.

    I wish you all the best in your decision.

    Source(s): ♦certified aromatherapeutic 25 years ♦
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    Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile liquid plant materials, known as essential oils and other aromatic compounds. Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, Aromatherapy means treatment using scents. It is a holistic treatment of caring for the body with pleasant smelling botanical oils such as rose, lemon,

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    Lavender & Vanilla seem to work the best for relaxation, as well as Jasmine & Ylang Ylang. But don't do more than 1 ingredient @ a time, or the scent is ruined. Have fun!

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    Cirtus is to feel refreshed

    Lavender and Vanilla is for stress

    Peppermint is meant to be soothing

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    I know one that makes people angry. Pinto Beans that have passed through my digestive tract.

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    I think that they use glycerin, wax, you know those ingredients for lip cream or something like that (I forget the name of it).

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