How do I wipe out “Partition” a Hard Drive that has Windows XP and replace it with Linux XP?

I have the Linux XP Cd but very little instructions came with it.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you have trouble with this step, you will most certainly have trouble in completing the installation, configuration. You will have trouble installing programs, setting user permissions and getting devices to work. You may also have grave trouble to get it on-line.

    But GO FOR IT.

    Good Luck and Happy Computing!

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    If you want to 'partition' your drive then look to another answer. However if you want to install linux where you have windows now, then I'd recommend putting the linux cd in the cd drive and starting the computer. Allow the linux install helpers to guide you.

    Usually, linux also offers to partition your hard drive and even will offer to install lilo (lilo is a program that allows you to boot any of the boot images stored on the drive). It is important to know what you want, before you start installing linux. In my experience you can start up any computer with a linux distribution cd in the cdrom drive and review the steps needed prior to actually doing anything at all and then just stop if you don't want to do it. (or need to study the situation). I think you should take this option; linux is not as mean spirited as windows and gives you info before Klobbering!

    Source(s): The source is me. I've run dual boot systems for 8 or more years with various windows and linux configurations; I am a windows certified nt 3.51 system engineer (with cert); I currently use slackware linux 11.0. I am afraid of retribution if I answer any of these questions wrong - so I waited till one came along I felt very comfortable with. B
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    Does the cd boot ?? If so you can just boot from it , and wipe the partition . Now if it dosent boot , then get a boot disk from XP PRO or XP HOME, and boot from it , also try Now be aware that if you DO wipe the partition everything will BE F%$@#%$$ ok

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    There is no Linux XP... If you are trying to install Linux, during the install it will ask you where and how to install the OS to. Since you are a bit confused about this... I would HIGHLY recommend get a couple a geek friends together and ask them about Linux and such before you take that plunge.

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    I've never used linux xp, but there should be some program during installation that will help you to convert the NTFS partition to ext3... sorry if I cannot help u more...

    you can always read the documentation:

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