Is it really worth it?

This is more than just one question. This is a question meant primarily for smokers, especially those with children. So, is it really worth smoking around your children to get that cancer smoke in your lungs and theirs, to get that nicotine in your body? Do you think it doesn't affect your children? Or not even your children, how about just the people around you that you love, family, friends. It doesn't take a medical degree to realize that second hand smoke is just as poisonous as inhaling it directly from the cancer sticks (cigarettes). I was told one time that smoking is a person's choice, I think that’s justified, if a person wants to poison their body, so be it. I have also been told that it's not right to nag or preach to smokers about the effects of smoking. However, at the same time in the back of my mind I keep thinking about seeing this person on there death bed, eat up with lung cancer and who knows what other complications from smoking. Often times this person is someone I'm close to a relative or friend, this person is barely into there forties. Don't go into why you smoke, I know why people smoke. I just want you to answer me one question. IS IT WORTH IT?


I've realized something new, smokers are very sensitive about their habit, and don't like discussing it. Some people got a little touchy about this, I am sorry if I offended anyone, I only meant well. Bellbottombleus especially, no I have never smoked because I was taught better, my dad quit smoking so yes I realize it is hard to quit smoking, but it's not impossible. I also don't appreciate the cursing, it's not necessary. The way to avoid the hardships of quitting smoking is to never start in the first place. So far only one person has answered my question, cocoa put no it's not worth it. I have been around enough smokers in my life to realize that little tube of tobacco controls their lives.

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    I'm guessing that you have never smoked. Not that you are an ex smoker but; that you have never smoked. If you had ever smoked you would know how incredibly F U C K I N G HARD IT IS TO QUIT. You can't just say to a smoker of some time hey don't you think it's bad to smoke for you and your loved ones? DUH like we don't know that. Like you have mentioned anything that we have not thought of ourselves. Also, have you ever thought that we want to smoke, we will regardless of side effects. There are places like OUTSIDE that we can smoke keeping our kids safe. I dispise people like you who have never smoked and have no fu*king clue. So be quiet, we all know what it does. Why don't you ask a heroin addict why he just doesn't throw his needle away.

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    Everybody knows the dangers of smokers, how can we not? For myself, i have to say its fifty-fifty. Its not worth it in the ways you think. I know I'm killing lungs, etc. but it's a habit, an addiction. It's harder than you think to quit. It's a mental thing. But i go out of my way, i don't smoke in my car or my house. I try not to light up in places that have too many non smokers around. In the end, if i end up with lung cancer or some other smoking related disease, so be it. I'm not gonna feel sorry for myself or wish i never smoked. I don't regret anything i do. I make a choice every time i light up a Newport. To me after a long day at work and a stressful day in life, it's worth it to light up and take a drag. I'm well informed about my decision. That's all you can hope for in life, to stand behind your every decision, to have all the information about your choice, is it not? I enjoy smoking. I like the feel and the taste of each drag i take. Not everything in life is good or safe for you. Thing about the pollution in each breath you take that isn't from smoking. Cancer causing too, isn't it? But you don't preach or ask people to stop driving thier cars, or heating thier houses, or etc. You catch my drift. Everything in life is pretty much bad for you. From the looks of things, soon everything will cause one form of cancer or another. Will all those things be worth it? Will you ask all those people in the future - is it worth it?

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    I think that if parents must smoke then they should light up outside and not inside the home. People can tell who smokes in their homes, since their clothes smell of old cigarette smoke. When I did smoke, it was NEVER in my house. I looked at it this way, i knew it wasn't good for me and my children, and they had no choice to escape the smoke, and I cared so much for their health. people who smoke should do it outside away from children!!

  • JustMe
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    Its a choice the first few times you smoke then it becomes an addiction. I really am so totally sick of non-smokers b*tching and b*tching. We cant smoke anywhere anymore. Isn't that enough ?? You do what you do and I'll do what I do.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Now way i hate smoking it doesnt make anyone look cool it just gives them cancer and other illnesses. I wish no one smoked

  • cocoa
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    No smoking isn't worth it! Being addicted is a real problem in your life. Cocoa

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    I smoke and have children,but I smoke outside.

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