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wat is face book?

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    Facebook is a lot like MySpace, only for college students (although, recently it's been expanding to regions, high schools, and businesses). You can be "friends" with other Facebook users, join groups, send messages, post pictures, etc. Also, when you are friends with someone you are notified of any changes they make on Facebook, but there are ways to turn this feature off to allow for more privacy.

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    Facebook is a social networking site that was originally for college students with a .edu e-mail. It recently has opened up for people outside of college and is available for some high schools and regions. I'm pretty sure they are working on making it available everywhere. It is different from Myspace because it has privacy options allowing you to let certain friends only view limited profiles if you wish.

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    facebook is a form of online profiles, kinda like myspace, but it was originally for college students, but now has started to cater to hs students and people in certain reigons. it has more privacy than myspace and other online profiles because you cannot view other's profiles without attending their school or being their "friend."

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    Face book is a place where college kids can find out what people from school r doing. you can talk to Friends to.

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    facebook is same as myspace. the major difference is that u need to be in HS or college inorder to get an account. u got facebook account?

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