Jobs for US citizens in Denmark?

I am trying to network here. I have a HR background, but I am willing to work at just about anything that pays a living wage. I am a US citizen and would have to have the company that hires me to sponsor my work permit. Does anyone personally know of companies needing english speaking employees. In the Copenhagen area.


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    Try working for an American company!! The company that I work for has offices in Herlev & Silkeborg.

    I don't know if they have openings... but it is worth a try! Send me an email and I'll provide you with more information.

    Also, you can see if the American or Canadian Embassy have openings. :)

    Source(s): Former exchange student to Denmark who lived in Charlottenlund and Soborg.
  • Ivan
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    1 decade ago

    Honestly, HR is MUCH different in Denmark. There would be little that you can leverage from the US. You should go for a US firm with an outpost in Denmark (Big 4 accounting firms, consulting firms etc) or for a Danish firm with a US representation (Novo Nordisk, Maersk/A.P. Moller). After 9-15 months in the US, you could ask for a transfer, which will often be looked at very favorable for good performers.

    You cannot get a "low paying" job in Denmark because the minimum wages are very high and the authorities do not let foreigners compete with Danes for those jobs.

    But is you are determined to try directly, you can try to apply online.,, have postings in Danish. HR is called "Personale", maybe you can find a couple of names/contacts/address and coldcall them.

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    I'm American working in Denmark. You're nearly-right about the the work permit; the company has to submit a job offer for you, which you also submit with your application for that job. Company must attest that the position can not be filled by Danish, Nordic, then EU labour--in that order of preference--before offering it to anyone else. If you have an employer interested in you, be sure to provide them with your CV and list ALL certificates, courses, training, languages, etc. since small companies can often "massage" the job description to fit your exact qualifications, therefore satisfying the order-of-preference for job offers.

    Source(s): employee and employer in Nordic countries past 4 years (sorry, we're not hiring : (
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    If you are looking for jobs whose corporate language is English, is the right portal for you. Technically if you get a full time job, when you apply for a working residence permit, the company that hired you must provide also a working permit paper to support your application. However the best answer you can get, is from the companies, ask them when you apply.

    And Good Luck.

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