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when is Archie and the gang gonna graduate???

hello! they've been in high school forever!

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    Never! Archie and his friends have been high school juniors since 1942. The only things that change for Archie are clothing fashion,slang and some where recently,his parents look younger than they did in the past. It took 40 years to get a different car. in the 90's he got a ford mustang. They will stay the same ago forever. The reason? Archie and his friends are the only real success that his publishers have ever had. If they grow up or graduate then they've killed the goose that lays the golden age!

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    thinking Archie has been around because of the fact the early 1940's, he (and his gang) could be previous retirement age. besides the fact that it rather is a comedian, and, judging by making use of the timeline interior the ask your self Universe, the place basically ten years seem to have exceeded on account that Spidey and the impressive 4 began out, I could think of Archie and his gang ought to be immortal.

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    there were issue's ofthe comic where they showed them graduating and moving on to college and betty got married to jughead of all people. and there was some death and other dark stuff with some of the other character's during the late 90's to early 2000's according to asibling of mine. that read that stuff.

    But they canceled it cause some fans complained it was too dark for them. I don't know. it sound likethe stuff they put on tv like they do with the degrassi and veronica mars. and those shows are doing well. it's not that much of strech to see a comic doing this .

    Their lose.

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    It is just like Dennis the Mennis-they will never get any older-they will be in high school forever and for always-unless the creator decides to have some baazar change or something.

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    Yo I hear you. And whats up with Jughead eating all those hamburgers? You know that cant be good for him. And when is Archie gonna do a threeway with Betty and Veronica? These questions need answers.

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    They haven't been in high school as long as Dick (Robin) Grayson was!

    In the late 80's or early 90's, there was a "Return to Riverdale" issue that was suposed to be their tenth anniversary graduation reunion. That was interesting. I won't spoil it for you, in case you want to get a copy and read it for yourself.

    1 DEC 06, 0507 hrs, GMT.

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    NEVER!!!!!They have been in high school since the 60s and it looks like they'll never get out.I haven't heard about a senior prom.

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    Considering how easy they have it in high school, why would they want to graduate?

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    I know exactly when they'll graduate high school.

    It will be the day after the 12th of Never.


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    They have been in highschool for 64 years I doubt they will ever age.

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