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ok,i've been wondering if theres any one that has caught an survived from sumthin called Menengingcoccemia....its probly not the correct spelling but it sounds the same,an actuly i know there is people that has it i just nevered talked or seen any on e that had it so i waz just curious,those of you that dont know what it is ,i'll just tell it here so maybe you can learn sumtin new ...Menengingcoccemia is some bacteria an it sorta like eats you skins an tissue in your body but its very rare you can die from it if you caught it to late an i've seen it mostly started with your feets up to your legs and fingers an arms those are usly amputated but it can spread over other parts to...doctors still dont know how you can catch it...thats all i realy know about it ...but maybe some one else knows more hopefuly

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    dear ...i am a doctor , i can tell you what is Meningo-cocceamia ..

    meningo cocci are bacteria ,invading essentially the coverings of brain tissue ,may get to it through the pharynx( the upper throat)..

    it is common in under developed areas in south Asia and Africa..

    epidemics or spread waves occur in pilgrimage seasons and crowded situations like armies...

    15 % of people normally ( without a disease) having this organism living in their mouthes..

    in certain conditions some types of the organism turn into pathological or aggressive behavior..

    fever , pain, neck stiffness,jerky limbs,convulsions,the disease is lethal,

    the organism entering the blood stream the case becomes to advanced stage..

    but spite of all previous horror i described ,the most of us are immunized by vaccines,and the terrifying disease is treated with very cheap and available drugs like penicillin..

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    Go to the link provided for a good article on this

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    I have never heard of this horrible disease? It sounds sort of like leprousy. I cant imagine the pain and suffering of those that have it. I do pray I and my loved ones never get this.

    I feel and send my prayers to those to answer back to this question,and have it.

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    It's Flesh Eating disease. Amputate the infected regions, NOW, and stop using my keyboard!!!!!!!!

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    Your trying to educate people on this disease, yet you cant even spell correctly?. Spell check, Sweetie. That's why they have it. =)

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