What's the deal with this guy at work?

I like this guy that I work with, but I'm getting really mixed messages. I've noticed that he walks away when I walk up to wherever he's standing.. I thought he was a quiet guy, but I came out of the breakroom early yesterday and he was standing with the other workers talking to them, as I walked up, he walked away! so it's just me that he doesn't talk to.

Once I said something funny and he gave me a huge smile. When I first come into work, he'll stop whatever he's doing and walk out of his way to say hello. But whenever I go up to him to ask him a work related question, he'll answer me while walking away... I've invited him out to hang out with us, and he smiled and said that I should give him more notice and that next time he'll come out with us.. and he smiles whenever I ask if he wants something from starbucks (next door), though he doesn't accept.

what the hell is up with this guy? he does a lot of smiling + walking and I get so tongue-tied around him that we just don't talk!

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    Judi?! Is that you? Hey, its me!! I didnt know you were on here at work too!!

    Sorry if Im a little stand-offish, I have a confession. I really really like you alot!! Come talk to me right now so I can tell you how I feel. Im at my desk.... waiting...

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    I think it could be a couple of things:

    1.) A lot of guys like to be the ones to initiate and maybe he's kind of interested but not completely sure about it yet. So, he feels uncomfortable when you approach him.

    2.) Maybe he likes you and doesn't want it to show too much. I'll do that around a guy that I like. I'll be very social with others, but then I can't talk to the guy I like, because I'm too nervous.

    3.) Maybe he's not thinking anything and not realizing he's giving you mixed messages, but is just a friendly guy. I have a guy friend like this. He is really outgoing and always inviting girls to hang out with him, but he doesn't want to date them. He just doesn't know what kind of mixed messages he's giving.

    I hope that helps in some way!

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    Ok.. here it is....

    the guy likes you.. I mean really likes you. chances are he's walking away to keep you from viewing the tent he pitches every time he talks to you.

    but... he likes somethning even more. His job. he knows that if you and he start going out and something happens - he can loose his job. All it would take from you is one call saying that you felt sexually harassed by him and he is done. he is doing the right thing by letting you know that while he likes you that having a relationship just isn't gonna work.

    take the hint.. either find another place to work and then persue him or keep him as a work associate and drop it.

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    Sounds like immature behaviour. How old is this guy and what (if anything) do u find attractive? You may have said, or done something that was taken out of context and that's what might be affecting his behaviour. I would just confront him and put him on the defensive until you get a legitimate answer or simply ignore the ingrate! Good Luck.

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    Never Never Never mess with anyone from work!! EVER. So when it fails, do you really want all the employees knowing your personal DE TAILS. EWWWW. He'll use you, dump you and tell everyone at work everything about you. Not a good idea. Keep your private and professional life separate.

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    I'd say he's spoken for, to, and about regarding your perceived advances by .. who knows who knows him and his, girlfriend, wife, fiance or dog even ... lol .. he could be a sick puppy, but I think it's more along the lines of not wanting to appear interested, yet, all the same, cordial with a worst case scenario. Could be a brother in-law or sister in-law or just a friend of or even the wife or girlfriend is also one of your co-workers.

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    you have to read between all of his action. what is trying to tell you is that he like you as a friend and nothing more. also that he does not want your co-worker to think that there is something going on between you and him. If you want more out of the relationship beside what you have in the office. Take that relationship out side of the office. Maybe that is what he is trying to tell you. Some people just do date there co-worker and he sound like he is one of them.

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    Eventually, this guy wants to have his way with you. In order to get that, your interest level in him has to be high. One way to raise that level is to play hard to get. Apparently he knows your interest is already up there, I mean, you made the first move in asking him out. He's getting greedy and wants your interest level higher. In other words, this guy is playing the game, and quite well I might add, so if you're into guys like that, I guess that's your business. Otherwise, move on.

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    I believe this guy is keen on you but is extremely shy. Try engaging him often in neutral conversations, where you know he is knowledgeable about the topic and maybe when he is more settled around you he will relax and talk...

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    Is it possible that he like you? He might be shy around you, as he is attracted to you. When he smiles, he wants to give out signals, but his shyness means he tries to avoid you. Unless he opens up a bit more, he will always do what he is doing now.

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