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wth... yahoo just locked viewers out of my account... hurting my professional life!?

So... it appears yahoo photos just got a makeover... well... I use my site mainly just for a place to display my artwork for potential exhibition opportunities to view my paintings... all of clean nature... and it has come in quite handy... well I check my link I sent out today to find it DOESNT WORK! They have labeled my ENTIRE ACCOUNT adult content... when I had one ALREADY SET TO PRIVATE folder of adult nudes that I use as representation for that style of photography... from what I understand you only violate policies etc and get placed into the adult content bin if you leave such folder public... so I am wondering if yahoo when completing this site makeover set all my photos to public... then deemed my artistic nudes as innapporpriate and locked out my whole account... this is rediculous... I am wondering if anyone else had this same problem?

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    GEEZ... give me yourweb address... Cause I wanna see da noodes!

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    I'm having the same problem. I've been dealing with it for over a month now. It seems that if you have one album marked age-restricted on the old photos site (as you and I both apparently did), it automatically sets your entire album to Adult Content. It's total bull. It says you have to request a review of your photos in order to change the rating, but there is no place to request the review. I've sent multiple emails and even done the online chat with a rep. Nothing has worked. The online rep is only for technical assistance (i.e. can't access the page, etc.). Let me know if you find a real answer to your problem because there are many of us out here trying to find out what the heck happened and wondering why the upgrade has turned into such a downgrade.

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