Removing and installation of c4 transmission on a 1966 Mustang V8?

Anybody know how to remove a c4 transmission and install a rebuilt one from a 1966 mustang and could i use a 1965 mustang c4 trans on a 1966 mustang? Could anybody give me instructions on removing the transmission and installing the rebuilt trans.

thanks to anybody that could help me out

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    1 decade ago
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    yes the 65 and 64 are the same, start by pulling the driveshaft, speedo cable and wires and vacuum lines. you will have to pull the floorshift from inside the car, then start unbolting the bellhousing, rear cross member and tranny mount, support with jack and slide rearward and down good luck :)

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    5 years ago

    If it indeed calls for type F, which I think it does, do not use any substitute. The clutches and bands in Type F transmissions had no clutch material on them and run steel to steel. Type F has little to no lubricating qualities or the transmissions would slip. An old trick was if your transmission slips in your Dodge or Chevy , add a little Type F and it would stop it for awhile, at least long enough to get it fixed.

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    book would be the best way to go. a 66 and 65 c4 are the same. but in case you cant get a book.

    1. disconnect speedo cable and dip stick tube.

    2. unbolt from fly wheel

    3. unbolt u joint

    4. unbolt from cross member

    5. lift tranny above cross member while pulling with a slight twisting motion

    6. rest tranny above cross member

    7. remove cross member bolts

    8. support tranny with drawn jack

    9. remove cross member

    10. pull tyranny out

    install in reverse order be sure to spin torque converter before installing

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    pull the starter also. and the shifter unbolts (1) from underneath.

    Source(s): experiance.
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    1 decade ago

    Don't try this without a transmission jack! If it falls on you, you're dead!

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    1 decade ago

    get a book

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