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whey protein and alcohol?

is it really bad to take two whey protein shakes on a day of intense rworkout, but probly also drinking later in the night?

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    The protein and alcohol have very little to do with one another really, but consider this.... alcohol is a lot of empty calories that you will have to work twice as hard to burn off. You are being counter productive to go work you butt off at the gym then turn around and get blitzed. You're cancelling the workout with those empty calories.

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    Sounds like a typical "guy" Saturday to me. ;)

    Keep in mind that if you didn't "need" the protein, then eating it isn't helping build muscle. Most American eat 2-3 times as many grams of protein as they need anyway.

    Excess protein converts to carbs at a 40% rate. When you add alcohol (beer carbs?), that's setting you back in your goals.

    Take a look at "David" in the Success Stories below. He lost 55 lb really fast.

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    Sounds ok if the shakes and alcohol are separated by 2 hours.

  • Anonymous
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    You are undo-ing all the good when you start drinking at night. Why even bother to work out and take health shakes?

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