what is the corrcect formula for the compound potassium iodide? please explain how you got that thank you!!!?

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    KI. The atomic symbol for potassium is K and of iodine I. The charge on elements of group IA of the periodic table, which is where K is, is +1. The charge on iodide in group VIIA is -1. So the two go together 1:1 as KI. Elements in group VIIA can form other ions, such as hypoiodite, OI-, iodite, IO2-, iodate, IO3-, and periodate, IO4-. But they don't enter in here.

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    Formula for potassium iodide is KI

    One way to make potassium iodide is to react the hydroxide with hydroiodic acid. The resulting salt can then be purified by recrystallization.

    KOH(aq) + HI(aq) → KI(aq) + H2O(l)

    the other way is to react potassium metal with halogens to form potassium halides. So, it burns with iodine, I2, to form potassium(I) iodide, KI.

    2K(s) + I2(s) → 2KI(s)

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    Because 'K' is a +1 ion and 'I' is a -1 ion. Since their sum is zero, all is well, no subscripts needed.

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