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How do I stop my neighbor's cat poop in my front-yard?

Pet lovers, no offense please... I just want to enjoy my garden and the front yard... Will appreciate any tips...

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    Hi there...if you have already spoken with your neighbours about their cat defecating in your yard and there was no resolution consider the following:

    Common odours that are effective deterrents for cats are:

    Citronella works best for cats as well as citrus scents such as orange or lemon (primarily towards cats), cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, pipe tobacco, lavender oil, lemon grass oil, citronella oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and mustard oil.

    "Havahart's Cat Repellent" uses capsaicin pepper and oil of mustard as its active ingredients. It repels by both taste and odor, has a lemon scent.

    Every animal responds differently to each of these. Some will not be phased by them and others will be quite revolting.

    For training purposes they are applied on items that are to encourage avoidance behaviours and not for use with a squirt bottle as they could harm the eyes or respiratory system. Test each substance and observe to see which works as a deterrent so that accidental injestion does not occur as some could then be fatal.

    Coleus plants can be effective, but every cat responds differently so it is uncertain without experimenting.

    Many people believe mothballs work, however they are considered toxic and should NOT be used. Here's more information on this:


    MOTHBALLS are toxic to cats which contains the ingredient Naphthalene. Mothballs are approximately twice as toxic as paradichlorobenzene, and cats are especially sensitive to naphthalene. Signs of ingestion of naphthalene mothballs include emesis, weakness, lethargy, brown-colored mucous membranes and collapses. Paradichlorobenzene mothballs may cause GI upset, ataxia, disorientation, and depression. Elevations in liver serum biochemical values may occur within 72 hours of indigestion.

    Source(s): Feline Trainer to domestic and exotic cats
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    Some of the pet stores carry a product that is supposed to deter critters from enjoying your yard. Also, a water hose or squirt gun.

    Check with the health food store in your area or gardening center. These two places may know of some type of plant that deters cats.

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    MOTH BALLS ! Sprinkle these in the garden, and push some into the ground. The cats cannot stand the smell of the moth balls, and they do not like to poop where they are. ALso, sprinkle used coffee grounds all around, they cannot stand this smell either. Both of the suggestions really work, I use them all the time, and they neither one will harm your plants. As an added bonus, the coffee grounds will help nourish the soil by adding nutrients.

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    Cats bury their stuff and they love loose soil to do it in. To do this without putting things in your garden, that could attract plant destroying insects, or poinsoning the neighbors cat...big time neighbor troubles...try the following.

    Get some cheap fencing - you can get a roll of 50 ft. for about $10.00. Roll it out and bury it about an inch below the soil in your garden. The cat won't like encountering this barrier as it digs and will go look for an easier place.

    A friend of ours had the same problem, and he switched from mulch in his flower beds to a larger size small stone. It looks really nice too. The cats in his neighborhood didn't like digging in the stones and went elsewhere. Hope this helps.

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    How about asking the neighbor to keep his cat indoors. It's not fair to you or the cat to let him roam. And you shouldn't have to work at keeping an animal from crapping in your yard. It's just disrespectful.

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    Find a place that is far from your garden and plant cat nip all over. If you see the cat pick him up and take him to the cat nip location. He will go over there instead of in your garden.

  • Whatever you do, don't put moth balls out, they are a carcinogen. Plus you need to put large amounts to be effective - which also means your garden smells awful then!!

    You might try some ultrasonic animal repellents.

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    Domestic cats interpret us as superior cats--so mark your territory by peeing in your front yard.

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    Although I'd choose to use a pellet or bb gun, most states prohibit their use on domesticated animals.

    I think Seattle has the best advice. A chemical deterent is best in this case, although... not as satisfying. ; )

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    -Someone said shoot it - that works.

    -Set a steel trap baited with some fancy feast.

    -Set out some anti-freeze in a dish near catfood. Rat poison works also.

    -Buy a dog and train it to chase cats.

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