Can you run a central air conditioner without a filter? If not, why?


So basically it's a fire hazard???

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    I wouldn't recommend it for a long period of time. The filter blocks dust, hair, etc. from getting into your furnace as the air is being pulled back in through the return ducting that runs throughout your house. If you run the A/C or furnace without a filter, eventually the heat exchanger and evaporator coil inside the furnace are going to get plugged up. Spend $3.00 on a filter every 3 - 4 weeks and save yourself the cost of a huge repair or replacement bill that is going to cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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    FancyName,,I can see you don't know what your talking about.

    An A/C unit is like a refrigerator,,what's outside are the cooling coils.

    An AC unit has 2 sets of coils,,one inside the furnace & one outside the house. The freon (if they still use it) or cooling liquid picks up the inside heat & disapates it through the coils outside. That's why (When you put your hand over the outside unit) the air is warm. It than goes through a condesing unit and recools. It than is sent to the coils in the furnace and household air is blown through those coils and comes out your registers

    The filter in your furance is used for heat or cool air. It has nothing to do with outside air.

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    No, it's not a fire hazzard. But all the dust and what not floating around in your house will get stuck to the coils on the evaporator (cooling coils located inside your house, in the attic, basement, or a closet typically). This will at first reduce the efficiency of the coils (won't be able to trnsfer the cooling to the air), and can eventually plug the coils. At this point, you would have to have them replaced (about $1500 to $2000)..

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    No, because the AC intakes air from the outside, the filter keeps the air dust and dirt particles from clogging the system.

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    sure if you dont want your ac to last

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    burn up the moter,get dirt/dust in the coils///////////

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    sure, it just is a little dusty.

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