help. i have never met a missionary of god's. am i destined for hell?

Who controls your salvation? God or Man? If you were born in an area where God and Jesus were never preached, will you automatically go to Hell? Keep in mind that Jesus said he is THE way, only way, nothing else works, to get to the Father. So if you never meet a missionary, are you destined for Hell? If that is true then isn't it correct to say that your very salvation lies in the hands of your fellow men, and not God? Thoughts?


many of you are just not getting my question. im saying that all of the millions of people who have died and continue to die without ever having heard of jesus are sent to hell, according to christian theology. this means that unless one meets a missionary, or one of gods followers, and hears of jesus you are bound for hell. so logically speaking our salvation comes from other people. our fate is determined by our fellow man who either shares, or doesn't. instead of god reaching out to you alone he uses other people to find you. but what of the native americans who died before the west invaded and spread the "good news?" what of the people in africa or australia?

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    I don't think God is done yet organizing all His missionary forces. Some people will hear about it here on earth, and some will hear about it in the spirit world.

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    Biblically, it is said that salvation is through Jesus Christ. So how does that apply for the millions that have died in the past without ever hearing the word of God, such as the Native Americans, many Asian and African cultures, etc.? Is it their fault? I would say not!

    The Bible promises a resurrection in the future. Most likely, all those that have died will be resurrected to be given a second chance here on Earth. They will be given 1000 years to come to perfection, were they will then be tested by Satan, who will have been bound up all those 1000 years. Still, even in perfect surroundings and perfect bodies, many will still go with Satan. These people, along with Satan, will then be destroyed.

    As for "Hell", people think it's some fiery pit were those that have died are tortured and burning for all eternity. This is a man made invention from improper interpretation of scriptures. The word Hell comes from an old German word, Hoelle, which stands for "the grave." Everyone goes to "hell" when they die. The burning scenario comes from Jesus reference of a town called "Gehenna." This town was walled, with a fire continuously burning outside one of the wall to burn trash, and the bodies of dead criminals. Hence these criminals were kept burning all the time in the fires of Gehenna, hence hellfire!

    Do you think a loving God would torture people for all eternity? I would'nt do this to my worst enemy, and I'm just a human.

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    Gods glory is magnified through nature. Because of nature people are naturally curious about a higher power. It is not your falt if you have not heared. That won't be helded against you, but the missionaries and Christains who didn't tell you. But Even if you haven't heared, Gods has wonderfully made the world around us, and his glory is made know. Salvation does lie in fellow hands, to an extent, but your salvation is in your own hands. Consider how many people know about Jesus and have been told but reject him. So, it is your choice to ask for Gods salvation, it is a concious desicion to turn from your sins. To live your life for Christ because he died on the cross for your sins. We are all destined from Hell. This kinda gets into the predestination thing. God already knows who will be saved but he does not choose. That is where your free will comes in. God watches while you choose.

    I hope that helps. Even if you have not heared, The human mind is already consciously aware of a higher power.

    ~so sorry and good luck

    You only go to hell from rejeting the savior who loves you.

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    I think Jesus meant alot of different things when he spoke. I think mankind is a little too arrogant to think they'd ever understand God. I would never believe in what a man had to say, I would believe in what the man's actions say. I wouldn't keep Jesus by my side as a watchdog, I'd keep him by my side as an example. I don't believe for one moment that God speaks only one language. I don't believe for one moment that all gods out there, aren't just facets of the same god. A rose is still a rose. I may see a petal, one may see a leaf, its still the same beautiful flower with its bewitching scent. Just because a man has never met a human missionary, doesn't necessarily mean he hasn't still met an example of God. Miracles and explanations can be found simply by taking five minutes to look around your very backyard, bedroom, the mirror. Those are my thoughts anyways

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    My views.

    It is a mere possibility, at best probability that god exists.

    My scientific mind is unable to believe without proof.

    The bible is a good book of fables and some historical events.

    The current bible was decided on (the contents) by a group of "catholics" some centuries ago.

    There is no such historical figure by the name of Jesus. Its not a jewish name for pete's sake. Its greek.

    Why was this POWERFUL name changed? what of joshua/abraham/ etc.

    "Yeshua Hamachiac" (spelling wrong here) was the historical figure.

    One sholud live a moral caring life not out of fear of "hell" or the expectation of rewards, but because its the right /humane thing to do.

    I wonder why so many christians live in fear rather (moreso) than in love.

    I used to be a christian baptsed at 16.

    I have held on to many of the principles, just dropped the dogma and RULES!

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    God controls your salvation. Becoming a christian is your decision not man. you still become a christian even though you weren't raised in a christian family. You can go to church and hear the word for yourself. Romans 10:9- That if you confess with your mouth, " Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

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    Wow! That's a scary thought. I dont know that anyone really has an answer to that questionl, cause the truth is, NOBODY really knows our fate. All we can do is be the best person we can be, by doing the right thing, helping others. God is merciful. If you are truly a good person, I'm sure you will not go to hell.

    And hell is just one scenario. There are a billion different religious beliefs and it's impossible to know which one is the right one.

    That's why we rely on our faith. Always follow your heart.

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    All you are is a god in a pod manipulating the world around you. Heaven, Hell, who gives a damn just live your life the way you know you should. You dont need to follow the rules made up by those who edited the bible to suit their own needs. Remember the Bible was at one time a form of government. And governments change and adapt to the people they rule, therefore changing the bible. When religion ruled the earth the called it the Dark Ages, every wonder why?

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    I think that Jesus meant that his WAY, his philosophies and teachings are the way to salvation. Loving one another and so forth. Lots of non-christians certainly live the way Jesus said we should. At the same time many Christians do not....

  • Hell=Grave

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